Ecclesiastes Chapter 5

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Fear Baba-God and Keep Your Promise To Am

  1. No dey waka anyhow wen you enta inside Baba-God house, and e beta for you to open your ears to hear, dan make you give sacrifice of mumu pipo, wey no sabi sey na wrong tin dem dey do.
  2. Make your mouth no dey rush, and make your heart no dey rush to tok anytin for Baba-God front; becos Baba-God dey for heaven, and you dey for earth—so no tok too much.
  3. Dream dey come—tru many work; and pipo sabi mumu man voice wit tok-tok.
  4. Wen you make promise to Baba-God, make sure sey you pay am; becos Baba-God no like mumu pipo: so pay wetin you don promise Baba-God (pay your vow).
  5. E beta make you no promise Baba-God anytin, dan make you promise Baba-God sometin and you no con do wetin you promise.
  6. No let your mouth drag you enta sin. No tell di angel sey wetin you promise Baba-God na mistake. Why you want make Baba-God vex for your words, con scata all your hand work?
  7. Too many dreams and tok-tok no-make-sense at-all. But fear Baba-God.

Vanity of Moni Plus Levels

8. If you see where dem dey oppress poor pipo, and if you see place where dem dey change judgement plus justice wit gragra, no shock for di mata—afta-all di pipo wey dey under dey do wetin di oga-at-di-top tell dem to do.

9. Evensef, di beta-beta tins of di earth na for everi bodi, even di king dey chop from di land.

10. Any pesin wey too love moni no go ever belleful wit moni; and any pesin wey too like more-more fine-fine-tins—those fine-fine-tins no go ever belleful am. Dis kain tin sef no-make-sense (na vanity).

11. Wen you don get plenty moni, plenty pipo sef go dey wey go epp you chop your moni; so wetin di owner of di moni con gain, except sey he see di pipo wey dey chop hin moni?

12. Di sleep of man wey dey hustle dey sweet, whether he chop small or he chop belleful: but di plenty moni wey bigman get—no dey gree let am sleep.

13. Anoda serious wahala wey I don see for dis earth be sey; moni or beta-beta-tins wey dem keep, and wey di owners—no gain from.

14. And those moni fly komot wit bad business; and wen he born pikin—shi-shi no con dey for hin hand.

15. Everi pesin dey komot from hin mama belle wit no cloth for body, and naso pesin go take go back wit nakedness sef. Dem no go carry anytin from dia hand work wen dem dey komot.

16. And dis one sef na serious wahala: pipo dey komot from dis world just as dem take enta inside dis world. So wetin pesin dey gain, since all hin hand work na for breeze?

17. All dia days, dem dey chop inside darkness, wit plenty palava, wit vex, plus sickness.

18. Dis na wetin I don see sey e dey good: man suppose chop, drink, con belleful wit di hard work wey he dey do for under sun—for all di days of hin life wey Baba-God don give am—becos na hin share be dat.

19. And any man wey Baba-God don give moni plus beta-beta-tins, and wey Baba-God don give pawa to chop hin moni, make he accept hin share, con happy wit hin hand work—becos na gift from Baba-God.

20. He no go too dey tink about di days of hin life; becos Baba-God don make am busy wit di happiness for inside hin heart.


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