Ecclesiastes Chapter 6

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Life Is Not All About Di Moni

  1. E get one evil tin wey I don see for under di sun, and e dey common among men:
  2. Man wey Baba-God don give moni, respect, plus beta-beta-tins, sote he get everitin wey he want—but Baba-God no give am pawa to chop from wetin he get, but na stranger con dey chop wetin he get. Dis one sef no-make-sense (na vanity) and evil disease.
  3. If man get hundred pikins, and he live for many years, wit long life; no mata how long he live, if he no enjoy hin moni plus beta life—and dem no do beta burial for am; even pikin wey die for hin mama belle beta pass dat kain man.
  4. Becos he come in vain, and he go komot wit darkness, and hin name go cover wit darkness.
  5. Even though he no see di sun or know anytin about life, dat kain pikin still get peace pass dat man.
  6. Yes, even though he live for one thousand years—two times, but he no fit enjoy hin moni—abi all of dem no dey go di same place (grave)?
  7. All di work wey man dey work na for hin mouth, but man no dey belleful.
  8. How wise man use take beta pass mumu man. And wetin poor man gain if he sabi live among pipo (becos poverty sef no be di secret of happiness)?
  9. E beta make you enjoy wetin your eyes fit see, dan make you dey put-mind for wetin you neva get. Dis kain tin sef no make sense (na vanity)—and e be like sey pesin dey try to catch breeze.
  10. Everitin wey dey happun now na plan wey don arrange since tey-tey. Man no sey he be man, and he no fit argue wit Baba-God wey strong pass am.
  11. Too many words no dey make-sense, so who dat one epp?
  12. So who fit sabi wetin dey good for man life, for all hin short life wey no-make-sense, and wey dey fade like shadow? Who fit tell dem wetin go happun for di earth afta dem don komot?


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