Ecclesiastes Chapter 7

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Di Value Of Wisdom

  1. Good name beta pass fine perfume; and di day of death beta pass di day wey dem born pesin.
  2. E beta make pesin go house where dem dey cry—dan make pesin go house where dem dey do party, becos na for there everi pesin go end las-las; make pipo wey dey alive put dis tin for inside dia heart
  3. Sorrow beta pass laff-laff, becos sadness dey teach di heart wisdom.
  4. Wise man heart dey for house where dem dey cry, but mumu man heart dey for di house of where dem dey do party.
  5. E beta make pesin hear di correction of wise man, dan make mumu pesin sing for you.
  6. Wen mumu dey laff—e no-make-sense (na vanity), e be like di sound of shuuku-shuuku wey dey burn (as faya-wood) for under pot.
  7. Surely, wise man wey dey oppress pipo go turn to mumu, and bribe dey corrupt pesin heart.
  8. Di end of anytin beta pass di starting; and pesin wey get patient spirit—beta pass pesin wey dey feel-big for hin spirit.
  9. No let your spirit dey rush to vex; becos vex dey chill for inside di heart of mumu pipo.
  10. No tok sey, “Why olden days con beta pass now?” e no-make-sense to ask dat kain question.
  11. Wisdom even good wit property wey dem give pesin to claim, and na gain for those wey dey see di sun (those wey dey live).
  12. Wisdom dey defend pesin, and moni sef dey defend pesin, and where knowledge beta reach be sey—wisdom fit save your life if you wise.
  13. Reason Baba-God work: who fit straight wetin Baba-God don bend?
  14. Jolly wen you dey make am, but for di days of palava, remember sey na Baba-God make both jolly-jolly plus palava, so dat you go remember sey tins fit change.

      Where Human Being Wise Reach

15. I don see everitin for di day of my life wey no-make-sense (vanity): good man wey die becos he do di right tin, and wicked man wey dey live long inside hin wickedness.

16. No over dey do holy-holy, and no over wise [over-sabi]; why you wan kill yoursef?

17. No too dey do wickedness anyhow, and no be mumu; why you wan die before your time?

18. E good make you hold one warning and and no let di oda one go; becos pesin wey dey fear and worship Baba-God go follow di two warnings.

19. Wisdom dey make wise pipo strong more-more—pass ten strong men wey dey for di city.

20. No good man dey for di earth wey dey do good tin, and wey no dey commit sin.

21. Evensef, no dey listen to all di words wey pipo dey yarn, or you go hear your servant dey curse you.

22. Becos yousef know for your mind sey you don curse oda pipo sef.

23. I test all dis tins wit wisdom. I con tok sey, “I go wise.” But real wisdom con far from me.

24. Wisdom far well-well, and e deep well-well. Who fit fyne wisdom?

25. I use my heart take fyne and sabi, and to look for wisdom, and di reason why tins dey happun, and to know di wickedness of mumu—plus di of mumu wey dey for inside madness (I wan bin understand why e no make-sense to be mumu evil pesin).

26. And I see sometin wey bitter pass death; woman wey her heart na trap and net, and her hands be like chain: any pesin wey Baba-God love—go escape from her, but she go catch pipo wey dey do bad-bad-tins.

27. Di teacher tok sey, “See, I notice dis tin by adding one tin to anoda tin to understand tins.

28. And I still dey torchlight tins, but I neva still see dem: I don see one real man among one thousand men, but I neva see one single woman among one thousand women.

29. But na only dis tin I see, sey Baba-God don make man to be good pesin; but dem don fyne different-different ideas.


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