Ecclesiastes Chapter 8

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         Obey Di King

  1. Who be wise man? And who sabi explain tins wey dey happun? If man wise, hin face go dey shine, and hin strong face go soft.
  2. I dey advice you to do wetin di king tell you to do, becos of di oath wey you take for Baba-God front.
  3. No dey rush to komot from king front, and no stand for evil tin, becos di king fit do anytin wey he like.
  4. Where king word dey, pawa dey for there. And who fit tell am sey, “Wetin you dey do?”
  5. Those wey obey am no go face punishment, and wise pesin go sabi wetin he go do, and wen to do am.
  6. Becos time dey for everitin wey dey happun, even though pesin wahala heavy on am.
  7. Since he no sabi wetin go happun; who fit tell am wen e go happun?
  8. No pesin fit hold back hin spirit make e no komot, and no pesin fit control di day of death. Dis na war wey we no fit escape from, and evil no go fit save di pipo wey dey do bad-bad-tins.
  9. Na all dis tins I don see, and I use my heart reason everi work wey pipo dey do for under di sun. Why one man go get pawa to rule over oda pipo sote he go con dey oppress dem?

          Fear Baba-God

10. I don still see wicked pipo wey dem bury. Dem [senior-men] bin dey always enta and come out from Baba-God house, and pipo soon forget dem for inside di city where dem do all dis tins! Dis tin sef no-make-sense [na vanity].

11. Wen fast judgement against evil mata no dey, naso di son of men go set dia hearts to dey fully do evil tins.

12. Even though sinners dey do evil tins one hundred times, and he dey live long, but I know sey e go surely beta for pipo wey dey fear Baba-God, and wey dey respect am.

13. But e no go beta for wicked pipo, and he no go live long. Hin days go fade like shadow—becos he no dey fear Baba-God.

Baba-God Way Na Elele

14. E get sometin wey no-make-sense wey dey happun for dis earth: good man wey con get wetin bad man suppose get, and wicked man wey get wetin beta pesin suppose get. Dis tin sef no make sense at-all (na vanity).

15. So I dey advice sey make pipo flex, becos man no get any beta tin wey he dey do for dis earth, pass make he chop and drink, and to flex. Naso happiness go take dey wit dem as dem dey work hard for di days wey Baba-God don give dem for under di sun.

16. Wen I use my heart take reason wisdom, and to see di business wey dem dey do for di earth, as men no dey sleep for day or night,

17. naso I see everitin wey Baba-God don do, sey no pesin fit understand wetin dey happun under di sun. Even as dem don try reach to understand am, no pesin fit sabi di meaning of wetin dey sup. Even if wise pipo claim sey dem understand wetin dey happun, dem no fit really understand am.


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