Ecclesiastes Chapter 9

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Both Good Plus Bad Pipo Go Kpeme

  1. Becos of all dis tins, I reason for my heart, con confam all dis tins sey; good pipo, wise pipo, and di tins wey dem dey do, dey for Baba-God hand, no pesin know whether na love or hate dey wait for dem.
  2. Na di same tins dey happun to everi pesin; to di good pipo plus di bad pipo; to pipo wey clean and pipo wey no clean; to those pipo wey dey offer sacrifice and those pipo wey no dey offer sacrifice. As e be wit good pipo, naso e be sef wit di pipo wey dey commit sin; as e be wit di pipo wey dey take oath, naso e be sef wit di pipo wey no dey take oath.
  3. Dis na evil tin among all di tins wey dem dey do for dis earth: sey everi pesin get di same destiny. Evensef, di heart of men brekete wit everi evil tin plus madness—as dem dey alive, and las-las dem go kpeme.
  4. Any pesin wey dey alive get hope, dog wey dey alive beta pass lion wey don kpeme.
  5. Pipo wey dey alive know sey dem go die, but pipo wey don die no sabi anytin. No beta tin fit happun to dem—becos dia memory don wipe out.
  6. Even dia love and dia hate, and dia envy—don end; and dem no get any share forever for anytin wey dey happun for di earth.


7. Mind your business, chop your bread wit happiness, and drink your wine wit celebration for your heart, becos Baba-God dey accept your work now.

8. Make your cloth be always white, and always rob cream for your head.

9. Live wit happiness wit your wife wey you love for all di days of your life wey no-make-sense—wey Baba-God don give you for under di sun—all your days wey no-make-sense (days of vanity); becos na dat be your portion for dis life, and for di work wey you dey do under di sun.

10. Anytin wey you hand dey do, do am wit all your pawa; becos no work dey, or planning, or knowledge, or wisdom—for inside grave wey you dey go.

11. Naso I look under di sun, con see sey: di race no be for pipo wey fast, and di war no belong to pipo wey strong, and even wise pipo dey hungry sometimes, and becos you get understanding no mean sey you go get moni for dis life, and no be becos you sabi nahin make you get favour; but time and chance dey happun to everi pesin.

12. Pipo no fit know wen hard times dey come: just as wicked net take dey catch fish, or as trap take dey catch bird, naso men take dey fall enta trap for evil time, wen e happun to dem sharp-sharp.

 Wisdom Get Levels Pass Mumu

13. I see dis wisdom sef for di earth, and na ogbonge wisdom to me.

14. E get one small city wit some pipo wey no plenty for di city. Naso one ogbonge king con attack di city. He surround di city, con build big wall round di city.

15. Now e get one poor wise man wey dey for dat city, and he use hin wisdom take save di city. But no pesin still remember dat poor man.

16. Naso I tok sey, wisdom beta pass pawa; but pipo hate di wisdom of poor man, and pipo no dey gree hear wetin he dey tok.

17. Dem dey hear di words of wise man for quiet place, pass di cry of pesin wey dey rule among mumu pipo.

18. Wisdom beta pass weapons wey dem take dey fight war: but one sinner fit scata plenty beta tins.


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