Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 132

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Baba-God Worship-place

  1. Dis na song of rising. Oh Baba-God, no forget David wit all di suffer-head wey he don pass tru.
  2. How he take swear to Baba-God, con
    make promise to di Great One of Jacob;
  3. “Surely, I no go enta inside my house or sleep for my bed—
  4. I no go close my eyes sleep, or let sleep catch my eyes,
  5. until I fyne place for Baba-God, house
    for di Great One of Jacob.”
  6. We hear am for Ephratah, we see am for inside forest.
  7. “Make we go where he dey stay; make
    we worship for hin stool.
  8. Oh Baba-God! Arise make you come
    where you dey rest put, along wit di ark of your pawa.
  9. Make your priest baffup wit goodness; make your holy- pipo sing wit happiness.”
  10. Make you no fashi di pesin wey you anoint, becos of your servant David.
  11. Baba-God swear inside truth to David, promise wey he no go fashi, “I go make one of your pikin sidon for di king-chair—
  12. If your pikin keep my agreement and di laws wey I teach dem, naso dia own pikin sef go sidon for di king-chair for ever and ever.”
  13. Baba-God don choose Zion, he wish to make am as hin house:
  14. “Dis na di place wey I go dey rest for ever and ever; na here I go dey, becos I want am like dat.
  15. I go bless dis city wit plenty-plenty beta tins; I go give her poor pipo food wey go belleful dem.
  16. I go baffup her priest wit salvation, and her holy-pipo go shout wit happiness.
  17. “Na for here I go make David horn grow—and I go prepare light for di pesin wey I anoint.
  18. I go wear shame for hin enemies body, but di crown wey dey hin head go dey shine.”


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