Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 137

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Di Cry Of Di Prisoners Wey Dey

  1. Near di rivers of Babylon, na for there
    we sidon—dey cry, wen we remember Zion.
  2. Na for there we hang awa harps for di
    poplar trees,
  3. na for there di pipo wey catch us, ask us sey make we sing for dem, pipo wey dey show us pepper tok sey make we sing song of happiness; dem tok sey, “Make una sing one of di song of Zion—for us!”
  4. How we go fit sing Baba-God song for
    inside foreign land?
  5. If I fashi you, oh Jerusalem, make my
    right hand forget hin skill.
  6. If I no remember you, make my tongue gum-join on top of my mouth—if I no see you as wetin dey make my belle sweet me pass.
  7. Oh Baba-God, remember wetin di
    Edomite do di day wey Jerusalem fall. Dem tok sey, “Tear am down, scata am down reach di foundation.
  8. Chai, daughters of Babylon wey be born-throway, make Baba-God bless di pipo wey go do una wetin una do us—
  9. Make Baba-God bless any- pesin wey go carry una small pikin head nack for rock.


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