Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 139

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Baba-God Dey Everi Where, And He Know Everi- everi

  1. To di main producer. Dis na Psalm of
    David. Oh Baba-God, you don look inside my heart, and you sabi me.
  2. You sabi wen I sidon, and wen I stand up; you sabi wetin I dey tink about from far-far.
  3. You know my waka, and wen I dey lie
    down for bed; you sabi all my ways.
  4. You sabi wetin I wan tok before I even
    tok am.
  5. You guard me for back and front; you lay your hand on me.
  6. E dey blow my mind—as I know dis
    tins,e too high, my head no-fit carry am.
  7. Where I fit waka komot from inside your Spirit! Where I fit run go wey you no go dey?
  8. If I go up for heaven—you dey for there; if I go sleep inside grave—you still dey there.
  9. If I fly wit di feathers of di morning, if I
    travel go far-far for di end of big-river,
  10. even for there, your hand go lead me,
    your right hand go hold me.
  11. If I tok sey, “Surely, darkness go cover
    me, even di night go turn to light around me,”
  12. even di darkness no-go dey dark to you; di night go shine like day, darkness and light just be like di same tin to you.
  13. Na you make inside-inside me, you join me togeda for inside my mama belle.
  14. I go praise you becos you make me wit respect plus wonders; your works na elele, my soul know dat one wella.
  15. You see my bones wen you dey form me for secret place, and you use skill take form me—deep inside di earth.
  16. You see my body as e dey form. You don write all di day wey I go live for dis earth inside book—even before di day happun.
  17. Oh Baba-God, see as your reasoning
    make-sense to me! See as dem plenty reach!
  18. If I sey make I count dem, dem go pass sand-sand; wen I wake up, I still dey wit you.
  19. Oh Baba-God, how I wish sey you fit kill wicked pipo! Oya komot from where I dey, men wey like blood!
  1. Dem dey tok about you wit bad mind;
    your enemies dey use your name play.
  2. Oh Baba-God, abi I no hate pipo wey
    hate you? Abi I no hate pipo wey dey biff you?
  3. I hate dem wella; I dey count dem as my enemies.
  4. Oh Baba-God, check me, and make you know my heart; test me, and make you know di tins wey dey scratch my mind.
  5. Look if any wicked way dey inside me,
    and carry me follow di everlasting road


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