Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 141

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Dis Na Prayer To Keep Me
From Evil

  1. Dis na Psalm of David. Oh Baba-God, I
    dey call you, come meet me sharp-sharp. Hear my voice wen I dey call you.
  2. Accept my prayers like incense wey dem set for you; as I raise my hand up, make e be like evening sacrifice!
  3. Oh Baba-God, control my mouth; guard di door of my lips.
  4. Make my heart no shift go look evil tin, or to practice wickedness wit pipo wey dey do evil tins, no let me follow dem chop dia mende-mende food.
  5. Make good man nack me—na kindness to me; make he correct me—na beta ororo for my head. My head no go reject am, becos my prayers always dey against evildoers and
    badbelle pipo.
  6. Dem go throway dia rulers from
    high rock, and wicked pipo go of di living.” know sey I don tok well.
  7. Dem go tok sey, “As pesin dey dig and
    clear land, naso awa bones scata for grave mouth.”
  8. But my eyes dey look you, Oh Baba-God di Oga, na you I dey hide my head put—no carry me put for death hand.
  9. Guard me from di trap wey dem don set for me, from di trap wey evil pipo don set.
  10. Make wicked pipo fall inside dia own net as I escape wit-out wound.


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