Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 144

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David Dey Tank Baba-God

  1. Dis na Psalm of David. Praise be to
    Baba-God, my Rock—wey dey train my
    hands for war, and my fingers to fight.
  2. Nahin be my soft-love plus my strong-house; my tall-building wey high and my saviour, my protection and nahin I dey hide my head put, and nahin dey put pipo under me.
  3. Oh Baba-God, who be ordinary man wey you dey reason dem, or man pikin wey you go con dey tink of am?
  4. Man be like breath, hin days be like shadow wey dey pass dey go.
  5. Open your heavens, Oh Baba-God, make you come down; touch di mountains make dem smoke!
  6. Send lightning to scata di enemies; shoot your arrow to scata dem.
  7. Bring your hand come down from up; free me and save me from plenty water, save me from di hand of foreigners.
  8. Na lie-lie full dia mouth, and na wayo dey for dia right hand.
  9. Oh Baba-God, I go sing new song for you; I go compose music for you wit di musical instrument (harp) wey get ten strings,
  10. Na Baba-God dey give kings victory, wey free hin servant David from bloody sword.
  11. Free me and save me from di hands of foreigners. Na lie-lie burku for dia mouth, and na mago- mago dey for dia right hand.
  12. Make awa sons be like plant wey dey grow well-well for dia youth, and make awa daughters be like pillars wey dem carve to make palace fine.
  13. Make awa store burku wit everi beta tin wey we want, and awa sheep for field go produce thousands, and ten thousands.
  14. Make awa malu strong for heavy work [or strong reach to born pikin]. Make enemies no go break awa wall, and make dem no go catch us komot, and make cry-cry no dey for awa streets.
  15. Blessings for di pipo wey Baba-God don bless like dis. Blessings for di pipo wey Baba-God na dia Oga!


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