Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 145

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David Psalm Of Praise

  1. Dis na Psalm of praise of David. I go
    tuale for you, my God di King; I go bless your name for ever and ever.
  2. I go praise you everi day, and I go cut-cap for your name for ever and ever.
  3. Baba-God na ogbonge! And he get full
    levels to receive awa praise. No-pesin fit reason hin greatness.
  4. One generation go tok beta tin about
    your work to di next one; dem go tok about your great works.I go meditate on di high levels of your highness, and your ogbonge works.
  5. Men go tok about di pawa of your elele works, and I go tok about your ogbonge works.
  6. Dem go gist about di memory of your goodness wey brekete, con sing about your kindness.
  7. Baba-God dey show hin grace, and hin soft-heart brekete. He no dey quick vex, and he dey sorry-for pesin well-well.
  8. Baba-God dey good to everi- pesin; hin soft mercies dey for everitin wey he make.
  9. Oh Baba-God, everitin wey you don
  10. make go praise you, and all your holy-pipo go bless you.
  11. Dem go tok about di levels of your Kingdom, con tok about your pawa,
  12. so dat all men go know about your ogbonge works, and di beautiful levels of your Kingdom.
  13. Your Kingdom na everlasting Kingdom, and you dey rule for all generations.
  14. Baba-God dey carry all those pipo wey fall, and he dey carry pipo wey dey don break down.
  15. Everi-pesin eyes dey look your face wit hope, and you dey give dem dia food for di right time.
  16. You open your hand, con provide for di wish of everi living tin.
  17. Baba-God dey good for all hin ways, and he dey show kindness for everitin wey he dey do.
  18. Baba-God dey near to all those pipo wey dey call am, he dey near all those pipo wey dey call am wit truth.
  19. He dey give those pipo wey dey fear am wetin dem wish for; he go hear dia cry sef, and he dey save dem.
  20. Baba-God dey protect everi- pesin wey love am, but he go scata all di wicked pipo.
  21. My mouth go tok about Baba-God praise. Make everi creature praise hin holy name for ever and ever.


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