Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 147

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Praise Di Oga Kpatakpata

  1. Praise Baba-God. E dey good to sing
    praises to awa God, e make- sense and praise dey beautiful.
  2. Baba-God dey build Jerusalem, he dey
    gada di outcast of Israel.
  3. He dey heal pipo wey dia heart don
    break, and he dey treat dia wound.
  4. He know how many stars wey dey for
    sky, and he dey call all of dem wit dia name.
  5. Awa God dey great, and he get ogbonge pawa! Dem no-fit measure hin understanding.
  6. Baba-God dey carry humble pipo go up, but he dey nack badbelle pipo for ground.
  7. Sing to Baba-God wit tanks-giving;
    use di harp [musical instrument] take sing praises for awa God.
  8. He cover di sky wit cloud; he give di
    earth rain, and make grass grow for di
  9. He dey provide food for wild animals,
    and food to di young raven—wen dem call am.
  10. No be di strength of horse, or di pawa of man leg—dey make am happy;
  11. Baba-God dey happy for those pipo wey dey fear am, for those pipo wey put dia hope sey he go sorry-for dem.
  12. Oh Jerusalem, make una praise Baba-God; Oh Zion, praise your God!
  1. He dey make di thick iron for your gate strong kakaraka. And he don bless di pipo inside you.
  2. He make peace dey for di borders, and make you belleful wit di best wheat.
  3. He send hin command to di earth; hin
    word dey run sharp- sharp.
  4. He dey give snow like wool, con scata di small-small-ice like ashes.
  5. He send hin ice-stone come down like
    small rocks. Who fit stand for where hin cold dey?
  6. He send hin word and dem melt, he
    ginger hin breeze to blow, and di water to flow.
  7. He don show hin word to Jacob, and he don show hin law and command to Israel.
  8. He no treat any oda nation like dis; and dem no know hin laws. Make una praise Baba-God!


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Pidgin Bible na did new Bible translation for Pidgin English Language. Di Bible dey easy to read and understand and e get Pidgin dictionary sef, wey go epp pipo understand more.

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