Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 148

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Praise Baba-God

  1. Praise Baba-God, praise Baba-God from di heavens. Praise am from di sky.
  2. Praise am, all of una—hin angels, make all di armies of heaven praise am!
  3. Praise am, sun and moon praise am, plus all di stars wey dey shine.
  4. Praise am, you highest heavens, and
    water wey dey on top of di sky.
  5. Make dem praise Baba-God name, becos he tok—and di tins wey he tok come to life.
  6. He put dem for dia place for ever and
    ever; he don give hin command, and e no go ever pass komot.
  7. Praise Baba-God from di earth—all di
    ogbonge animals for inside big-river, plus everitin wey dey inside di deep-deep water;
  8. faya plus ice-stone, snow plus clouds,
    and heavy-breeze wey dey do wetin Baba-God tok.
  9. All di mountains plus all di hills, fruit
    trees plus everi cedars,
  10. wild animals, plus everi malu; animals
    wey dey creep, and bird wey dey fly.
  11. Kings of di earth, plus all nations, una
    princes and all rulers for earth,
  12. young men and babes, papa plus pikin.
  13. Make dem praise Baba-God name, na
    only hin name get levels; hin level high pass di earth, plus heavens!
  14. He don raise di horn of hin pipo, di praise of all hin holy-pipo of Israel wey dey close to am. Make una praise Baba-God.


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