Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 150

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Praise Baba-God

  1. Praise Baba-God! Praise Baba-God
    inside hin holy-place; praise am inside di big heaven of hin pawa!
  2. Praise am for hin pawaful works; praise am based-on hin ogbonge greatness.
  3. Praise am wit sound of trumpet, praise am wit lute and harp [musical instruments].
  4. Praise am wit sheke-sheke plus dancing, praise am wit strings and flute!
  5. Praise am wit di sound of cymbals.
    Praise am wit cymbals wey dem dey nack togeda.
  6. Make everitin wey dey breath praise
    Baba-God. Make una praise Baba-God.


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Pidgin Bible na did new Bible translation for Pidgin English Language. Di Bible dey easy to read and understand and e get Pidgin dictionary sef, wey go epp pipo understand more.

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