Song of Songs

Song of Songs Chapter 1

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      Di Woman Tok About Her Love

  1. Dis na di song of songs wey belong to Solomon.
  2. Make he kiss me wit plenty kiss from hin mouth, becos your love beta pass ogogoro.
  3. Becos of di sweetness of di scent of your perfume, your name be like perfume wey dem pour come out, nahin make di virgins love you.

Di Padi (Friends)

4. Carry me follow body, we go run follow you, di king don carry me enta inside hin rooms, we go dey happy con dey flex wit you, we go remember your love pass wine, pipo wey get clean-heart love you.

5. I be black, but I fine well-well, oh babes of Jerusalem—like di dark tent of Kedar, and like Solomon curtains.

Di Woman

6. No look be becos I be black, becos di sun don shine on me, my mama pikins bin dey vex for me, dem sey na me go dey take care of dia grape-farms, but I no fit take care of my own grape-farm.

7. Tell me, oh you wey my soul love, where you dey feed your animals, where you dey make your sheep rest wen sun dey shine? Why I go dey waka upandan like olosho, among your sheep of your padi?

Solomon Tok

8. Oh, finest babe among di women, if you no know, follow di steps of di goats, con feed your small goats near di tents of di shepherds.

9. I don compare you, oh my love—to di horses wey dey for Pharaoh horse-moto.

10. Your cheeks fine wit jewelries, and your neck fine wit gold chains.

Di Padi (Friends)

11. We go make earrings wit gold, con design am wit silver stones.

Di Woman

12. As my king dey for table, naso my perfume full everi where wit e scent.

13. My lover be like small bag of myrrh (perfume) to me, he go lie down between my breasts tru-out di night.

14. My lover be like henna flowers (flower wey dey scent) wey gada dey grow, for di grape-farm of Endegi.


15. See as you fine oh my love; see, you fine well-well, your eyes be like dove eyes.

Di Woman

16. See, you too fine my love, you dey make belle sweet me! Na di green grass go be awa bed;

17. Na cedar tree go be di wood and roof of awa house, and cypress wood go be di ceiling.


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