Song of Songs

Song of Songs Chapter 2

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   Di Woman

  1. Na me be di rose of Sharon, and di lily flower for bottom-of-mountains.


2. As lily flower be among shuuku-shuuku, naso my love be among di daughters.

Di Woman

3. As apple tree be among di trees for inside forest, naso my love be among di sons. I sidon under hin shadow as my body dey sweet me, and hin fruit taste sweet to me.

4. He carry me enta di house of party, and hin flag wey dey protect me—na love.

5. Feed me wit dry-gapes, give apples to ginger me, becos love don make me kolo.

6. Hin left hand dey under my head and hin right hand dey hug me.

7. Swear to me, oh daughters of Jerusalem, wit di gazelles*plus di does*for bush, sey una no go disturb or wake up my love until he like.

8. Di voice of my love! See he dey come, he dey jump come from di mountains, he dey bounce come from di hills.

9. My love be like gazelle or small stag*. See he dey stand for back of awa wall; he dey look from di windows, he dey look from di design wey dey for di window.

10. My love yarn, con tell me sey, “Stand up my love, my fine babe, come follow me.

11. See, cold-season don pass, and di rain don stop and e don komot.

12. Di flowers don dey show-face for di earth; di season wen birds dey sing don dey come, and dem dey hear di voice of doves for awa land.

13. Di fig tree dey show her green fruits, and di grape tree wey get di small-small grapes dey scent. Stand up my love, come make we carry-go.

Solomon14. Oh my dove, you dey hide for di hole of high rock, for di coded places of steps of di mountain, make I see your smile

, make I hear your voice; becos your voice sweet well-well, and your face fine no be small.”

15. Catch foxes for us, di small foxes wey dey scata di grape-farms (of love), becos awa grape-farm get grapes wey just start to dey grow.

Di Woman

16. My love belong to me, and I belong to my love. He dey feed hin goats and sheep among di lily flowers.

17. Until day break and wen di shadows don vanish, turn my love, and make you be like gazelle* or small stag* on top of di mountains of Bether.


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