Song of Songs

Song of Songs Chapter 3

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Di Woman Dream

  1. For night for bed, I dey fyne di pesin wey my soul love, I fyne am but I no see am.
  2. I go stand up now, con go upandan di city, for streets, and for di main-road; con dey fyne di pesin wey my soul love. I fyne am, but I no see am.
  3. Di vigilante wey dey waka upandan di city con see me, so I ask dem sey, “Una don see my love?”
  4. As I waka pass dem small nahin I con see di pesin wey my soul love. I hollam and I no gree let am komot, until I carry am enta my mama house, and inside di room of my mama wey carry me for belle.
  5. Use di gazelle* and di does* take swear to me, oh daughters of Jerusalem, sey una no go disturb or wake up my love until he like.”

Solomon Wedding Day

6. Who be dat wey dey come from di desert like pillars of smoke, wey dey put perfume of myrrh plus frankincense, wit all di powders wey dey scent—wey market-pipo dey sell?

7. Yes, na Solomon wey dem carry wit hin king-chair. Sixty strong men from among Isreal stand round.

8. All of dem dey carry sword becos dem sabi fight war well-well, everi man get hin sword for hin lap becos of fear for night.

9. King Solomon, use wood of Lebanon take make horse-moto for hinsef.

10. He make di pillars wit silver, di bottom na wit gold, wetin dem take cover am na purple, and na love di daughters of Jerusalem take make di inside.

11. Make una come out, oh daughters of Zion, and see king Solomon wit di crown wey hin mama put for hin head on di day of hin wedding—and on di day wen he heart dey flensure.


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