Isaiah Chapter 1

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           Judah Turn Against Baba-God

  1. Dis na di vision of Isaiah wey be di son of Amoz—wey he see about Judah and Jerusalem, for di days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, plus Hezekiah—wey be kings of Judah.
  2. Oh heaven, make una hear, and make earth listen becos Baba-God don yarn, “I don feed and train pikin, and dem don change-am for me.
  3. Malu know e owner, and donkey know e oga house, but Israel no know me, my pipo no dey reason.
  4. Chai, nation wey dey do bad-bad-tins, pipo wey sin dey for dia head like load, seed of pipo wey dey do evil, pikin wey dey corrupt pipo: dem don shenk Baba-God. Dem don make di holy One of Israel para, dem dey waka go back.
  5. Why dem go still dey flog una wen una go waka miss-road more-more, di whole head dey sick and di whole heart don faint.
  6. From di bottom of di leg, even reach di head—dem no strong, but wounds and scratch, plus serious wounds, dem neva close dem or bandage dem, and dem neva rob ororo put to make am cool down.
  7. Una kontri don empty finish, dem don burn una cities wit faya, strangers dey chop una land for una front, and e don empty finish—strangers don overthrow am.
  8. And dem don make di daughters of Zion be like small kpako-house, or like gate-man house for cucumber garden, as city wey enemies don gada round.
  9. If to sey Baba-God no let some pipo survive, we for be like Sodom, and we for be like Gomorrah.

Offering Wey No Get Meaning

10. Hear Baba-God word, una wey be rulers of Sodom, listen to di law of awa God una wey be di pipo of Gomorrah.

11. Baba-God tok sey, ‘Wetin be di meaning of una plenty sacrifice to me? I don belleful wit  burnt offering of rams, and di big fat malu, and blood of malu no dey make body sweet me, or blood of lambs or blood of goats.

12. Who dey ask una to bring all dis tins wen una dey come worship me? Who dey ask una to parade for my house wit all dis ceremony?

13. Make una stop to dey carry una gifts wey no-make-sense come meet me, di incense of una offerings dey make me vex! As for una celebrations of new moon and di Sabbath, plus una special days of fasting, and una holy meetings—una sins don corrupt all of dem.

14. My soul hate una new moon festival and una oda festivals, dem be wahala for me. I don taya for dem.

15. And wen una stretch una hands, I go hide my eyes from una. Yes, wen una pray plenty prayers, I no go gree hear, una hand burku wit blood.

16. Wash yoursef make you clean, komot hand from di evil tins wey you dey do—as I dey look you. Stop to dey do wicked tins.

17. Learn to do beta tin, fyne justice, epp pipo wey dem oppress, defend di pipo wey no get papa, and stand for women wey dia husband don kpeme (widows).

18. “Oya come now make we reason togeda,” naso Baba-God tok, “Even though una sins dey shine like red, dem go white like snow. Even though dem red like blood, dem go be like cotton-wool.

19. If una make up una mind, con obey, una go chop di beta tins wey dey for di land;

20. But if una no gree, con change-am-for me, na sword go kill una”; Baba-God mouth don tok am.

Zion Don Spoil

21. How di faithful city take turn to ashawo, e bin brekete wit justice, and clean-heart bin dey stay inside am, but na killers dey for there now.

22. Una silver don turn to yama-yama, una wine don mix wit water.

23. Una leaders dey change-am-for Baba-God, and dem be padi-padi of tiff, everi pesin love gifts, and dem dey follow only wetin dem go gain from; dem no dey tink about di pipo wey no get papa, and dem no dey reason widow mata.

24. So Baba-God tok sey, Baba-God of di armies of heaven, di mighty one of Israel, “I go revenge on my enemies, con pay back badbelle pipo.

25. And I go turn my hand on una, and I go komot di yama-yama from inside una like iron wey dem dey make pure, con komot all una stain.

26. And I go put una judges as dem bin dey before, and una advisers as e bin dey from di starting. Lata-lata, dem go call una di city wit clean-heart, di faithful city.

27. Na justice go save Zion, and clean-heart go save di pipo wey repent.

28. Baba-God go scata di evil pipo and di sinners togeda, and di pipo wey fashi Baba-God go burn.

29. Shame go catch dem wey dey worship trees (oak), and disgrace go catch una becos una worship for garden of idols.

30. You go be like oak tree wey e leaf dey fade, and like garden wey no get water.

31. Di strong pipo among una go fade like dry grass wey small spark dey burn—na dia evil work go scata dem, and no pesin go fit quench dem.


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