Isaiah Chapter 10

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Assyria Go Break

  1. Wahala for di pipo wey dey make evil laws, and wey dey write di wickedness wey dem don advise;
  2. To komot justice from pipo wey need epp, and to komot di rights of my poor pipo, so dat widows go con be dia victim and so dat dem go rob pipo wey no get papa!
  3. Wetin una go do on di days wen I go show-face, and di days wey scata-scata go come from far-far? Who you go run go meet for epp? And where you go leave your levels?
  4. Wit-out me dem go bow down under di prisoners, and dem go fall under pipo wey don die. Upon all dis tin, hin vex neva turn komot, but hin hand still stretch go out.

Judgement For Assyria

5. Oh Assyria, di stick for my vex, and di stick wey dey for una hand na for my vex.

6. I go send am against fake nation, and I go make am get pawa against di pipo wey I dey vex for, to obtain from dem, and to oppress dem, con march dem for ground like portor-portor for street.

7. But di king of Assyria no go understand sey na me dey use am, and hin heart no dey reason am; but he don zero hin mind to scata plenty nations.

8. He dey make mouth sey, “Abi everi one of my princes no be king?

9. Abi we no scata di city of Calno just like Carchemish? Abi we no scata Hamath like Arpad? Abi we no scata Samaria like Damascus?

10. Yes, my hand don punish di kingdom of di idols—wey dia image wey dem carve—plenty pass di ones wey dey for Jerusalem plus Samaria.

11. Abi I no go do Jerusalem plus her idols, di same tin wey I do to Samaria plus her idols?

12. So e go happun sey wen Baba-God don do all hin work for mountain Zion and for Jerusalem, I go punish di fruit of di heart of king of Assyria wey dey do anyhow, plus di levels of hin big-eyes.

13. Becos he tok sey, “Na wit di pawa of my hand I take do am, and na wit my wisdom; I be wise guy, and I don cut di borders of di pipo, I don rob dia house of beta-beta-tins, and I don scata dia house like gallant man.

14. My hand don hold di riches of di pipo like bird-house, and as pesin take dey gada eggs wey dem fashi, I don gada all di earth, and no pesin fit fly or move e feather, and no pesin fit raise hin small voice for me like bird.

15. Abi axe go con dey make-mouth for di pesin wey dey use am work? Abi saw go con dey give hinsef levels for di pesin wey dey use am? As if walking-stick go con dey shake esef against di pesin wey dey carry am up, as if walking-stick go carry esef, as if no be just wood.

16. Naso Baba-God wey be di Oga of di armies of heaven, Baba-God go send disease wey go turn ororbor to lekpa, and under hin levels, he go burn as faya take dey burn.

17. And di light of Israel go be like faya, and hin Holy One go burn, and e go burn, con burn hin shuuku-shuuku and hin wild plant to ashes—wit one day.

18. And e go burn di forest wey fine, and hin farm of fruits, both soul and body—just like wen bad sickness dey waste pesin life.

19. Na only small numba of tress go remain inside hin forest—sote small pikin go fit count dem.

Di Remaining Pipo of Israel Go Come Back

20. E go happun sey on dat day, di remaining pipo of Israel—di ones from di house of Jacob wey escape, no go depend on di pipo wey kill dem, but dem go depend on Baba-God, di Holy One of Israel—inside truth.

21. Di remaining pipo go come back, even di pipo wey remain from Jacob go come back to di big God.

22. Even though di pipo of Israel plenty like sand-sand for big-river, na only di ones wey remain go come back. Baba-God don zero hin mind to scata di pipo, and di scata-scata dey over flow wit righteousness.

23. Yes, Baba-God Almighty don zero hin mind to scata di whole land.

24. So Baba-God Almighty tok sey, “Chai my pipo wey dey stay for Zion, make una no fear di Assyrians, dem go nack una wit iron hand, and dem go carry dia pawa against una—as Egypt take do una.

25. But na for short-time, and di oppression go stop, and I go use vex scata di Assyrians.

26. Baba-God Almighty go beat dem wit hin koboko, just as he do wen Gideon beat di pipo of Midian for di rock of Oreb, or wen Baba-God walking-stick raise up for di big-river [Red sea], to make di water carry di Egyptian army.

27. And e go happun on dat day sey hin load go komot from una shoulder, and hin heavy weight go komot from una neck, and di chain go cut becos of di anointing.

28. He don come Aiath [for Judah], he don pass go Migron [wit hin army]; na for Michmash he carry hin equipment put.

29. Dem don pass di passage; dem don camp for Geba; Ramah dey fear, Gibeah of Saul don run komot.

30. Raise your voice (soro-soke), chai daughters of Gallim; make dem hear una for Laish, Oh poor Anathoth.

31. Di pipo of Madmenah don run komot; di pipo wey dey stay for Gebim don gada demsef to run.

32. And today di enemies (Assyrians) go stop for di town of Nob, and dem go dey for there dey shake dia hand against di Mountain Zion, for di city of Jerusalem.

33. See, Baba-God Almighty [Osanobua] go cut di big tree (Assyria) come down wit ogbonge pawa! He go cut down di ones wey dey feel-big. Dat tree wey dey feel-big go fall.

34. He go use axe take cut di thickest forest, and Lebanon go fall for front of di Big God.


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