Isaiah Chapter 11

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Di Root Of Jesse

  1. Branch go grow from di body of di tree of Jesse wey remain, and branch go grow from e root.
  2. Naso Baba-God spirit go rest on am, di spirit of wisdom plus understanding, di spirit of judgement plus pawa, di spirit of knowledge and di fear of Baba-God.
  3. And he go give am quick understanding of di fear of Baba-God, so he no go judge tins based-on wetin hin korokoro eyes dey see, or judge tins based-on wetin hin ears dey hear.
  4. But na wit clean-heart he go take judge poor pipo, and he go use hin church-mind take decide for humble pipo. He go nack di earth wit di stick wey dey for hin mouth, and wit di breath of hin lips nahin he go take kill wicked pipo.
  5. He go tie goodness round Hin waist, and faithfulness nahin go be di belt for Hin waist.
  6. Di wolf go stay wit di lamb, di leopard go lie down wit goat pikin, malu pikin go lie down wit young lion, and small pikin nahin go lead all of dem.
  7. Malu and bear go chop togeda, dia pikin go lie down togeda. Lion go chop grass like malu.
  8. Small-pikin go dey safe as e dey play near di hole of cobra. Yes, small pikin go put hin hand inside di hole of viper snake [and notin go do am].
  9. Dem no go wound and notin go scata for my holy mountains: becos di earth go burku wit di knowledge of Baba-God as water take brekete for big-river.
  10. And on dat day, di root of Jesse go grow (di pikin-pikin-pikin of David go raise up), wey go stand as flag to save di pipo. Di nations go fyne am, and di place where he dey stay go get levels.
  11. And e go happun on dat day, Baba-God go set hin hand again di second time, to gada di remaining of hin pipo—from Assyria and from Egypt, from Pathros, from Cush, from Elam, from Shinar, from Hamath, and from di islands wey dey for di big-river.
  12. He go set up flag for di nations, he go gada di pipo of Israel wey don scata, and he go gada di pipo of Judah wey don scata—from di four corners of di earth.
  13. Di jealousy of Ephraim go komot, and di enemies of Judah go cut komot. Ephraim no go envy Judah and Judah no go vex Ephraim.
  14. But dem go fly on top of di shoulders of di Philistine for di west side, Ephraim and Judah go obtain dem togeda, dem go take-over Edom and Moab, and di pipo of Ammon go obey dem.
  15. Baba-God go cut di tongue di big-river [Red sea] of Egypt kpatakpata; and wit hin strong-breeze, he go shake hin hand against river Euphrates, con divide am to seven small-rivers sote pesin go fit use leg cross am.
  16. Big road go dey for hin pipo wey remain, wey still dey from Assyria; as e bin dey for Israel wen dem komot from di land of Egypt.


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