Isaiah Chapter 13

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Judgement Against Babylon

  1. Isaiah di son of Amoz—receive dis message about how Babylon go take scata.
  2. Raise una flag on top of di high mountain, raise una voice to dem, give dem sign wit una hand, so dat dem go attack di gates of di city of Babylon rulers wey dey feel-big.
  3. I don command my holy ones, I don call my strong ones for my vex—even dem wey dey happy for my highness.
  4. Di noise of plenty pipo wey gada for di mountain, like plenty-plenty pipo, serious noise of di kingdoms of nations wey gada togeda: Baba-God Almighty dey gada armies for war.
  5. Dem come from far kontri, from di end of heaven—even Baba-God, wit di weapon of hin vex, to scata di whole land.
  6. Raise una voice, becos di day of Baba-God don show-face. E go show-face as scata-scata from di Almighty.
  7. So everi hands go fall, and everi man heart go melt.
  8. Naso fear go catch dem, sharp-pain plus sorrow go hold dem tight. Dem go dey inside pain like woman wey wan born pikin: dem go shock for demsef, dia faces go be like faya.
  9. See, di day of Baba-God dey come, di bad day of hin serious vex; to make di land empty, and to scata di sinners from there.
  10. Di stars of heaven and di families of stars no go shine dia light. Di sun go dark wen e rise, and di moon no go shine any light.
  11. Naso I go punish di world for dia evil. I punish evil pipo for dia bad-bad-tins, and I go stop di pipo wey dey feel-big, con put down di shoulder wey wicked pipo dey carry up.
  12. I go make man fine pass pure gold; evensef, dem go scarce pass di gold of Ophir.
  13. So I go shake di heavens and di earth go move from e place—inside di vex of Baba-God Almighty, and on di day of hin serious vex.
  14. Everi pesin for Babylon go dey run any how like gazelle wey dem wan catch. Dem go be like sheep wey no get shepherd; everi man go run to hin pipo, and everi pesin go run go dia own land.
  15. Any pesin wey dem catch go cut down, and any pesin wey join dem go fall by sword.
  16. Dem go cut dia pikin to pieces for dia korokoro eyes, dem go obtain dia houses, and dem go rape dia wives.
  17. See I go ginger di Medes to change-am-for dem, silver no mean anytin to dem, and as for gold—dem no even like am.
  18. Dia bows sef go tear dia young men into pieces, and dem no go sorry-for women wey get-belle, dia eyes no go sorry-for small-small pikin.
  19. And Babylon wey be di levels of kingdoms, di fineness wey dey make di Chaldeans dey fell big—go be like wen Baba-God scata Sodom and Gomorrah.
  20. Pipo no go fit live for there again, and pipo no go fit stay for there from generation to generation: di Arabians no go fit set dia tent for there again, and di shepherds no go fit gada dia animals for there.
  21. But wild animals of di desert go stay for dia city, and na so-so owls go full dia houses; Ostriches go stay for there, and wild goats go dey play upandan for there.
  22. Hyenas go cry inside dia fine houses, and jakals go turn dia fine palace to dia playing ground. Di time for Babylon to scata no go tey. Her days no plenty again.


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