Isaiah Chapter 14

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Baba-God Sorry-for Jacob

  1. Baba-God go sorry-for Jacob, and he go still choose Israel. He go settle dem for dia own land, and pipo from different nations go come join dem, con join-body wit di house of Jacob.
  2. Di nations go epp Israel go back, con carry dem go dia own place: and di house of Israel go turn dem to servants and maids inside Baba-God land, and dem go take slaves from di pipo wey first turn dem to be slaves. Dem go rule over di pipo wey bin dey oppress dem.

Di Fall Of Di King Of Babylon

3. E go happun on di day wen Baba-God go give una rest from una palava, from una fear, and from di hard work wey dem make una do for dem.

4. And una go tok dis yarnings against di king of Babylon, “See as di pipo wey bin dey oppress us don stop! Di golden city don fall!

5. Baba-God don break di pawa of di wicked pipo, and di law of di rulers.

6. Di pipo wey use vex take nack pipo down wit blows wey no dey finish, di pipo wey rule di nations wit vex—don dey face kasala and no pesin fit stop am.

7. Di whole earth dey rest and e quiet, and everi pesin dey sing wit happiness.

8. Yes, di fir trees dey happy for your mata, and di cedar of Lebanon dey happy sey, ‘Since dem cut you down, no pesin don come attack us!’

9. Di grave wey dey for under ground dey move becos of you; to meet you wen you come, e dey ginger di spirit of di pipo wey don kpeme, even all those pipo wey don be leaders for di world; e dey  make all di kings of nations rise from dia king-chair.

10. All of dem go cry out wit one voice, ‘Abi you no get pawa again like us? Abi you don be like us now?

11. Your buga don fall enta grave and di sound of music for your place don stop. Worms dey under you, and worms don cover you.

As Lucifer Take Fall

12. See as you don fall from heaven, chia Lucifer—son of di morning! See as you don cut reach ground—you wey make di nations no-strong!

13. You bin tok for your heart sey, “I go rise up to heaven, I go give my king-chair levels pass di stars of Baba-God, I go sidon for di mountain of di gods—far-far go reach di north;

14. I go rise up high pass di clouds, and I go be like di Most high.”

15. But you go fall down to hell, for inside-inside pit.

16. Di pipo wey see you go look you, con reason you sey, “Na dis be di man wey make di earth dey fear, and wey shake di kingdoms,

17. wey turn di world to desert, con scata di cities wey dey for di earth, wey no gree open di house of di prisoners?

18. Wen kings die, dem dey bury dem for inside dia fine graves wit respect.

19. But dem don pursue you komot from your grave like branch wey be tufiakwa, and like di cloth of pesin wey don die, wey sword don shuuk, wey dey go down to di stones for inside pit, like deadbody wey pipo dey march under dia leg,

20. dem no go bury you becos you don scata your land, and you don kill your pipo: di seed of pipo wey dey do evil tins—no go ever get levels.

21. Make una arrange to kill dia pikin, becos of di bad-bad-tins wey dia papa don do, so dat dem no go fit rise, or take over di land, or build plenty cities for di world.

Babylon Scata

22. “I go rise up to change-am-for dem,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok, “And I go cut komot

23. from Babylon di name, plus di pipo wey survive, pikins, plus dia pikin-pikin-pikin,” naso Baba-God tok.

24. “I go turn Babylon to place where porcupine go dey live, e go be water-land and place for portor-portor water; and I go sweep am wit di broom of scata-scata,” naso Baba-God yarn.

As Assyria Take Scata

25. Baba-God Almighty don  swear sey, “Surely, wetin I don tink, naso e go be, and as I don reason—naso e go stand gidigbam:

26. I go break di Assyrian wey dey for my land, and on top my mountains nahin I go march dem wit my leg. Naso hin load go take komot from dem, and hin weight go komot from dia shoulders.

27. Dis na di plan wey I get for di whole earth, and dis na di hand of judgement for di whole nations.

28. Becos Baba-God Almighty don plan—who fit change am? And hin hand don stretch go out—who fit turn am back?

Philistia Scata

29. For di year wey king Ahaz kpeme nahin dis message come meet me:

30. Make una no happy, una wey be Philistines—becos di wood of di pesin wey dey nack una don break; becos anoda snake [viper] wey get more poison [King Hezekiah of Judah] and wey dey fly—go come from dat snake.

31. Naso di firstborn of poor pipo go chop, and di pipo wey need epp go lie down wit safety. But as for una, I go kill your root wit hunger, and e go kill di pipo wey remain from una.

32. Halla, Oh gates, cry, oh city. Philistines, make una melt wit fear; becos army wey get pawa dey come from di north like smoke. Everi soja dey rush go front as fight dey hungry dem.

33. Wetin pesin go ansa di messengers of di nations? Sey Baba-God don stand Zion, and di poor pipo among hin pipo go trust am.


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