Isaiah Chapter 15

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Words Against Moab

  1. Dis message come meet me about Moab. In one night, di town of Ar go scata reach ground, and di city of Kir go fall.
  2. He don go up to Bajith and to Dibon, di shrine for high places, to cry: Moab go cry for Nebo, and for Medeba: dem go barb gorimakpa for all dia heads, and dem go cut everi bear-bear komot.
  3. For dia street, dem go baffup wit sackcloth, everi pesin go halla for on top of dia houses, and for dia streets, dem go dey cry anyhow.
  4. Heshbon go cry, plus Elealeh: dem go hear dia voice even for Jahaz: naso di sojas of Moab wey carry weapon go cry out, hin life go dey sad to am.
  5. My heart go cry out for Moab, dia pipo go escape go Zoar, plus Eglath-shelishiyah. Dem go climb di road to Luhith as dem dey cry dey go up. Dia cry of gbege go loud for di whole road to Horonaim, becos dem don scata dem.
  6. Even di waters of Nimrim go dry kpatakpata! Di grass wey dey near di water don dry. Di plants don die; no green tin dey for di land again.
  7. So di plenty tins wey dem don gada plus everitin wey dem don keep for store—nahin dem go carry go di Waters of Willows.
  8. Dia cry don reach everi side of Moab border, di cry don reach Eglaim and even Beer-elim.
  9. Di water of Dimon go full wit blood, I go bring more on Dimon, naso lion go catch pipo wey escape from Moab and he go chop di pipo wey survive for di land.


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