Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Isaiah Chapter 16

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Prophecy About As Moab Go Scata

  1. Send di lamb to di rulers of di land from Sela go reach di desert, to di mountain of di daughters of Zion.
  2. Becos like bird wey dey fly komot from e bird-house, naso di women of Moab go be for di low part of river Arnon.
  3. Dem go tok sey, “Give us advice, make up una mind, make una guard us wit una shade wey dark like night for afta-noon. Protect awa pipo wey run from war. No betray us now wey we don escape.
  4. Make di pipo wey dey run from Moab stay wit una. Hide dem from enemies until di gbege don pass.” (Wen oppression plus scata-scata don end, and enemies don stop to dey attack,
  5. naso Baba-God go make one of David pikin-pikin-pikin stand gidigbam as king. He go rule wit mercy plus truth, he go always do di correct tins wit hin church-mind, and body go dey scratch am to do di correct tins.)
  6. We don hear about how Moab dey feel-big; he dey feel-big well-well, even as he dey carry shoulder up, and how he take dey vex: but he just dey make-mouth.
  7. So Moab go cry, everi pesin go cry: una go cry becos of di foundations of Kirhareseth, dem don scata kpatakpata.
  8. Di land of Heshbon wey feel pain and di vine of Sibmah: di oga of di wicked pipo don break down di main plant, dem don come even Jazer, dem waka pass di desert: her branches don stretch go out, dem don travel pass di big-river.
  9. So now I dey cry for Jazer, plus di vine trees of Sibmah; I go water you wit my tears oh Heshbon plus Elealeh, becos di sound of happiness of una fruit for hot-season and una harvest, don end.
  10. Jolly-jolly don komot, and happiness of harvest don komot. Singing and shouting no go dey inside dia grape-farm, workers no go dey for di wine-fatory; I don stop all dia singing and shouts of happiness.
  11. My heart dey cry becos Moab be like di cry of harp (music instrument). Pain brekete for inside me becos of Kirhareseth.
  12. Di pipo of Moab go worship for dis shrines, but e no go epp dem, dem go cry to dia gods for dia holy-place, but notin go fit save dem.
  13. Na dis be di word wey Baba-God don yarn about Moab since dat time.
  14. But now Baba-God don tok sey, “Exactly three years time, di levels of Moab go finish, wit all di plenty pipo. Na only some small pipo wey no get pawa go survive from dia pipo wey plenty well-well.”


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