Isaiah Chapter 17

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Prophecy About Damascus

  1. Di message come meet me about Damascus. “See, Damascus no go be city again. E go be like house wey don scata.
  2. Pipo don run from di cities of Aroer; dem go be place for sheeps plus goats, wey go lie down, and no pesin go disturb dem.
  3. Di strong-house for Ephraim no go dey again, and di kingdom go komot from Damascus, and all di remaining pipo of Syria, go be like levels of di pipo of Israel wey don fall,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.
  4. And on dat day, e go happun sey di levels of Jacob to thin, and hin fat body go turn to lekpa.
  5. Di whole land go be like farm, afta di pipo don gada dia harvest. E go empty like di field afta harvest, wey dey for bottom-of-di-mountain of Rephaim.
  6. Na only some of di pipo go remain, and Israel go be like olive tree wey dem shake, wey only two or three fruit go remain for di branch wey dey up-up, or four or five fruits  for branches wey get fruit,” naso Baba-God di Oga of Israel tok.
  7. Dat day man go look di God wey make am, and hin eyes go get respect for di Holy One of Israel.
  8. And he no go look dia altars for epp again, idols wey he make wit hin hand, or worship wetin dia own fingers don make—either di wood images or di incense altar.
  9. On dat day, pipo go run komot from di strong cities like empty place for forest and on top of mountains wey pipo run komot from, becos of di pipo of Israel; and di land go empty.
  10. Becos una don forget Baba-God wey save una, and una no dey reason di Rock wey be una pawa. So una dey plant di finest flowers to worship una foreign gods.
  11. Even though dem grow on di day wey una plant dem, and dem start to dey grow for morning wey una plant dem, but di harvest go turn to notin on di day of pain and serious sorrow.
  12. Wahala for di plenty pipo, wey dey make noise like di noise of big-rivers, and di rushing of nations wey dey rush like plenty-water!
  13. Di nations go rush like plenty-water, but Baba-God go change-am-for dem, dem go run go far-far, and dem go run like di chaff for mountains wey breeze dey blow, and like sometin wey dey roll for inside rolling-breeze.
  14. And see, for evening—wahala! And before morning, he no go dey again. Na dis be di portion of di pipo wey dey obtain us, and di destiny of di pipo wey dey rob us.


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