Isaiah Chapter 18

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        Message Against Ethiopia

  1. Wahala for di land wey cover wit feathers, wey dey for front di rivers of Ethiopia.
  2. Wey dey send messengers for di big-river, wit boats wey dem make wit reed—to pipo wey tall wit smooth-skin, pipo wey odas dey fear from both far and near, strong nation wey dey take-over kingdoms, and wey dia land divide wit river.
  3. Everi pesin wey dey stay for di world, di pipo wey dey live for di earth, una go see am wen I raise my flag of war on top of mountain, and una go hear am wen di trumpet go sound.
  4. Naso Baba-God tell me sey, “I go dey quiet and I go look from di place wey I dey stay, like di light of di heat of di sun or cloud of dew for di heat of harvest season.
  5. Becos even before una start una harvest [attack], and di flowers don grow, con turn to ripe grapes, Baba-God go cut di main body of di tree komot wit sickle, he go cut down, con komot di branches wey dey spread.
  6. Dem go leave dia deadbody for di wild birds of di mountain, and for di wild animals of di earth. Di wild birds go chop dem for hot-season, and wild animals go chop dem for cold-season.
  7. Time dey come wen Baba-God Almighty go receive offering from dis land wey water divide—from pipo wey tall and wey get smooth skin—from pipo wey dem dey fear—nation wey get pawa and wey dey take-over oda kingdoms. Dem go carry di gift come di mountain of Zion, di place of di Name of Baba-God Almighty.


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