Isaiah Chapter 19

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Message Against Egypt

  1. Di message against Egypt. See Baba-God dey ride on top of cloud wey dey move sharply, and he go enta Egypt. Naso di idols of Egypt to move wen he show-face. And di heart of Egypt go melt for di middle of am.
  2. I go make di Egyptians fight demsef, and everi pesin go dey fight hin broda, and everi pesin go dey fight hin neighbour, city against city, and kingdom against kingdom.
  3. Naso di spirit of Egypt go lose heart, and I go scata dia plan, sote dem go run go meet idols plus di jazzmen, and di pipo wey dey tok to spirit of di dead, plus wizards.
  4. I go give Egypt land to di hand of wicked king, and bad-bad king go rule over dem—naso Baba-God tok, Baba-God Almighty.
  5. Di water from di Nile no go rise to water di fields, and di rivers go waste, con dry.
  6. Di canals of river Nile go dry, and di streams of Egypt go dey smell. Di plants wey dey grow near water [reed and rushes]—go spoil.
  7. Evensef, di plants wey dey grow near river Nile, di papyrus reeds, for front of di river, plus everi farm wey dem plant near di river—go dry, dem go wipe out, and dem no go dey again.
  8. Di fishermen go cry; all di pipo wey dey set hook for di river go cry; those wey dey throw net for inside water go useless.
  9. Flax no go dey to harvest, and thread no go dey for pipo wey dey weave fine cloth.
  10. Those pipo wey be di pillars of di land go break down, and all di workers no go happy all.
  11. Di leaders of di city of Zoan na swegbe! Di pipo wey wise pass for Egypt dey give mumu advice! How una take get-mind tell Pharaoh sey, “I be di sons of di wise man, and di son of di olden days kings?”
  12. Where dem dey? Where una wise men dey? And make dem tell you now, and make dem know wetin Baba-God Almighty dey plan for Egypt.
  13. Di princes of Zoan don turn to swegbe, dem don whyne di princes of Noph; dem don dagbo Egypt, pipo wey suppose lead di nation don carry dem waka miss-road.
  14. Baba-God don send mumu spirit enta dem, and dem don make Egypt waka miss-road for everitin wey dem dey do—just as man wey don high dey stagger, con fall.
  15. E no get wetin Egypt fit do. No pesin dey to epp dem—both di leaders [head] plus followers [tail], plam branch [high branch] or reed [low grass].
  16. On dat day, di pipo of Egypt go be like women, Egypt mind go cut, and fear go catch am becos of how Baba-God Almighty go take shake hin hand, wey go shake against Egypt.
  17. Naso di land of Judah go be wahala for Egypt, and fear go catch any pesin wey call Judah, becos of di plan of Baba-God Almighty wey he don set against am.

Blessings For Assyria, Israel Plus Egypt

18. On dat day, five of di cities of Egypt go speak di language of Canaan, and dem go swear to Baba-God Almighty. One of dis cities go be di city of Scata-scata [Heliopolis, di City of di Sun].

19. On dat day, Baba-God altar go dey for di land of Egypt, and dem go build shrine for di border—to remember Baba-God.

20. E go be sign and witness to Baba-God Almighty for di land of Egypt, becos dem go cry to Baba-God becos of di pipo wey dey oppress dem, and he go send dem pesin wey go save dem, one ogbonge pesin, and he go save dem.

21. Baba-God go make di pipo of Egypt know am, di Egyptians go sabi Baba-God on dat day, and dem go give sacrifice plus offering; yes, dem go make promise to Baba-God, con do am.

22. Naso Baba-God go nack Egypt: he go nack am and he go heal dem. Evensef, dem go turn face Baba-God. Dem go pray to Baba-God, and he go heal dem.

 23. On dat day, highway go dey from Egypt to Assyria, and di Assyrians go enta Egypt, and di Egyptian go enta Assyria. And di Egyptians plus di Assyrians go worship Baba-God.

24. On dat day, Israel go be di third along wit Egypt plus Assyria—blessings go dey for di land;

25. wey Baba-God don bless sey, “Blessings for Egypt my pipo, plus Assyria wey be di work of my hands, and Israel wey be my property.”


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