Isaiah Chapter 2

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Baba-God Mountain

  1. Dis na di word wey Prophet Isaiah, son of Amoz see about Judah plus Jerusalem.
  2. And e go happun for di last days, sey—di mountain of Baba-God house go stand gidigbam as di tallest mountain; e go get levels pass everi hill, and everi nation go flow enta am.
  3. Plenty pipo go con tok sey, “Make una come, and make we dey go up to di mountain of Baba-God, to di house of di God of Jacob, and he go teach us hin ways, and we go waka for hin road, becos na from inside Zion di law go take come out, and Baba-God word go come out from Jerusalem.
  4. He go judge among di nations, and he go change-am-for plenty pipo, and dem go nack dia sword to turn am to tool for farm, and dia weapons to sickle. Nations no go fight war against nations, and nations no go train dia army for war again.

Di Day of Baba-God

5. Oh house of Jacob, make una come, and make we waka inside Baba-God light.

6. See, you don fashi your pipo wey be di house of Jacob, becos dem dey follow di traditions of di east, and dem don turn to jazzmen like di Philistines, and dem dey run-tin wit pagans [di pikins of strangers].

7. Dia land sef burku wit silver plus gold, and dia beta-beta-tins no dey finish, dia land burku wit plenty horse sef, and dem no fit count dia horse-moto.

8. Dia land brekete wit idol sef, dem dey worship wetin dem do wit dia own hand, wetin dia own fingers make;

9. Pipo go bow down, and everi pesin go humble hinsef, but no forgive dem (oh Baba-God).

10. Enta inside rock, hide for dust [ground] becos you dey fear Baba-God and hin levels as King.

11. Di big eyes wey man get go fall, and di shoulder wey men dey carry go bow down, and na only Baba-God go get levels on dat day.

12. Becos di day of Baba-God Almighty, go fall against everi pesin wey dey feel-big and wey dey carry-shoulder-up, e go fall on everi pesin wey dey carry hinsef up, and dem go fall.

13. E go fall against all di cedars of Lebanon wey high and wey lift go up, and upon all di oaks of Bashan,

14. and against all di high mountains, and against all di hill wey rise go up,

15. Against everi tall-building, and against everi strong wall,

16. against all di ships of Tarshish, and against everi fine boat.

17. Di shoulder wey man dey carry go fall, and di men wey dey feel-big go fall, and na only Baba-God go get levels dat day.

18. Naso he go scata di idols kpatakpata.

19. Dem go go inside di holes for rocks, and inside di holes wey dey for di earth becos dem dey fear Baba-God, and becos of hin levels as king—wen he go rise up to shake di earth well-well.

20. On dat day, man go throway hin idols of silver, and hin idols of gold, wey all of dem make for demsef to worship dem. Dem go leave dia gods for rats and bats;

21. to enta inside holes for rocks, and on top of high rugged rock—to try to dodge from Baba-God vex, and from hin levels as king—wen Baba-God go raise up to shake di earth well-well.

22. No trust man wey hin life dey for hin breath. Wetin be dia value sef?


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