Isaiah Chapter 20

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Sign Against Egypt Plus Ethiopia

  1. For di year wen Tartan enta Ashdod, (wen Sagon wey be di king of Assyria send am) and dem fight against Asdod—con take-over am,
  2. na di same time Baba-God follow Isaiah wey be di son of Amoz tok sey, “Go, komot di sackcloth from your body, con komot your shoes from your leg.” So he do am, con dey waka naked and wit no shoes.
  3. So Baba-God con tok sey, “Just as my servant Isaiah don take waka naked and wit no shoes for three years, as signs and warning for Egypt plus Ethiopia,
  4. naso di king of Assyria go take carry di Egyptians and di Ethiopians as prisoners and slaves—both big and small, dem go naked wit no sandals for dia leg—even wit dia yansh wey open down, as shame go catch Egypt.
  5. Naso dem go lose hope and shame go catch dem becos of Ethiopia—wey dem put dia hope, and Egypt wey dem dey use make-mouth.
  6. On dat day, di pipo wey dey stay dis island go tok sey, “See wetin don happun to those pipo wey we run go meet to epp us, and to save us from di king of Assyria! How we go fit escape?’ ”


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