Isaiah Chapter 21

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As Babylon Take Fall

  1. Di prophesy against Babylon—di desert wey dey near di big-river. As rolling-breeze for south dey pass tru; naso e dey come from di desert, from bad land.
  2. Bad vision nahin I see: Betrayers dey betray, and looters dey loot. Oh Elam, attack! Sojas of Media, surround di cities! Baba-God go stop di cry-cry wey Babylon don cos.
  3. Nahin make pain brekete for inside me—di pain be like woman wey wan born pikin. I shock wen I hear wetin Baba-God dey plan, I shock wen I see am.
  4. My heart dey breath-fast-fast, fear grip me, di night of my happiness nahin don turn to fear for me.
  5. Prepare di table, watch for di tall-security-house, chop, drink: rise up princes and make una anoint di shield.
  6. Baba-God don tell me sey, “Go, set watchman, make he tok wetin he see.”
  7. And he see horse-moto, wit some horse-riders, donkeys wit riders, and camels wit riders, so he observe dem well-well.”
  8. And he shout, “Na lion, my oga! I dey always stand for di tall-security-house for day time, and I dey for my post for night.
  9. And see, men dey come wit horse-moto, wit some horse-riders.” Naso he ansa, con tok sey, “E don fall! Babylon don fall! All di images of her gods don scata finish for ground!”
  10. Oh my pipo wey don scata like seeds wey dem komot for harvest ground, na wetin I don hear from Baba-God Almighty, di God of Israel—nahin I don tell una.”

Prophecy Against Edom

11. Di message against Dumah. He call me come out of Seir, “Watchman, wot about di night? Watchman, wot about di night?”

12. Di watchman con tok sey, “Morning dey come but night sef go come again. If you wan ask again, come back make you ask.”

Prophecy Against Arabia

13. Di message against Arabia. For inside di forest wey dey for Arabia nahin you go stay, oh di pipo of Dedanim wey dey travel.

14. Di pipo wey dey stay for di land of Tema carry water to give di pipo wey wan drink water, dem use dia food take stop di pipo wey dey run.

15. Dem dey run from sword, from di sword wey men carry, and from di bow and arrow wey men dey shoot, and from di kasala of war.

16. Naso Baba-God tell me sey, “In one year time, as everi day dey count, di greatness of di tribes of Kedar go finish.

17. Na only some pipo go remain among di pipo wey sabi shoot arrow for Kedar, among di strong men of di sons of Kedar; becos me, Baba-God of Israel don tok am.”


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