Isaiah Chapter 22

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Words Against Jerusalem

  1. Dis na di prophecy against Bottom-of-di-mountain of vision. Wetin dey sup? Wetin dey make all di pipo dey go on top of dia house?
  2. Chai, una wey brekete wit noise, city wey dey bobble wit flexing. No be war or sword kill una pipo, and dem no die for war [but na disease plus hunger kill dem].
  3. All una leader don run komot togeda; dem surrender wit-out fighting back. Dem tie all di pipo for there togeda, even di ones wey don run go far-far.
  4. Nahin make I tok sey, “Leave me make I cry; no try to cool me down. Make I cry becos of di scata-scata of my pipo.
  5. Becos na day of kasala, day of katakata and gbege wey Baba-God Almighty carry come for bottom-of-di-mountain of vision! Di day wey di walls of Jerusalem go break, and cry of death go dey for di mountain side.
  6. Elam dey shoot di arrow, wit dia horse-moto, and di horse-riders. Na di men of Kir dey carry di shields.
  7. And e go happun sey—horse-moto go brekete for bottom of una mountain wey fine well-well, and horse-riders go gada for di gates.
  8. Dem go fall di defence of Judah. Una go run go carry weapons from una weapon-house, from di House of Forest (Solomon weapon-house).
  9. Una see di places wey don break for di wall of Jerusalem, con see sey dem plenty. Una gada water for di pool wey dey under.
  10. Una check di house con bring down some of dem to use di stones take patch di wall to make am strong.
  11. Una build place for storing water for inside di city, to hold di water wey dey flow down from di old pool. But una no put mind on Baba-God wey make am, una no respect Baba-God wey plan all dis tins tey-tey.
  12. Oga Baba-God Almighty don call dat day for cry-cry and sadness. He go make una shave una heads to gorimakpa, con make una wear sackcloth.
  13. But instead, una dey dance and flex; una kill malu and sheep. Una chop meat, con drink wine! Una go con tok sey, “Make we chop and drink wine, becos we go die tomorrow.”
  14. Baba-God Almighty con tell me dis tins for my ears, “Una no go fit pay finish for dis sin until una die, na Baba-God Almighty tok am.”

Di Judgement On Shebna

15. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok, “Go meet Shebna wey dey in charge of di palace, con tell am sey,

16. “Who you tink sey you be sef? And wetin you dey do for here, wey you dey carve beta grave for yoursef for high hill?

17. See, Baba-God wan carry una komot wit gragra, you wey be strong man, and he go surely gbab you.

18. He go throw you anyhow like ball, con throway you put inside kontri wey big well-well. You go die for there near di horse-moto wey dey make you feel-big. You be shame to your oga house.

19. Baba-God go komot you from office, con komot you from your high position.”

20. E go con happun sey on dat day, I go call for my servant Eliakim wey be di son of Hilkiah.

21. I go wear am your official cloth and belt, con give am all di pawa wey you bin get. He go be like papa to di pipo of Jerusalem plus Judah.

22. I go put di key of di house of David hin shoulder; so dat no pesin go fit close door wey he open—and no pesin go fit open door wey he close.

23. I go tie am tight for one place like nail for sure place; and he go be king-chair of levels for hin whole family.

24. “And dem go give am all di levels of hin papa house, both pikin and pikin-pikin-pikin, he go support even di smallest member hin family-pipo like hanger wey dey hold everi small-small tins—like cups and jugs.

25. Wen e happun, di nail wey tight for strong place—go komot, e go cut, con fall. And everitin wey dey hang on am go fall.” Baba-God don tok.


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