Isaiah Chapter 23

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             As Tyre Take Fall

  1. Dis na message against Tyre. Halla, Oh ship of Tarshish, becos Tyre don scata—sote house and safe place for ship—no dey again: dem don hear about di gist from di land of Chittim (Cyprus).
  2. Make una calm down, pipo wey dey stay for di island, una wey be di market-pipo of Sidon! Una market-pipo cross di big-river,
  3. con cross di deep-deep water. Dem bring una food from Shihor [Egypt], and di harvest of di Nile river nahin Tyre dey make moni from. Na una be di market of di world before.
  4. Make shame catch una, chai Sidon [di mama of Tyre wey be like widow wey lose her pikin]: becos di big-river don tok, Tyre wey be di strong-house of di big-river don tok sey, “I no get pikin again. I no get sons or daughters.”
  5. Wen di pipo of Egypt hear di gist, dem sef feel di pain becos of wetin dem hear about Tyre.
  6. Make una cry wit pain—una wey dey stay for di island, con try to escape go Tarshish.
  7. Na di flexing city of Tyre be dis? Tyre wey don dey since olden days? Na di city wey bin dey send pipo travel go settle down for far places?
  8. Who plan against Tyre, di city of kings. City wey dia princes sabi business, city wey dia market-pipo bin get levels pass for di world?
  9. Na Baba-God Almighty plan am, to stop pipo from feeling-big wit dia levels, and to bring down all those pipo wey get levels for di earth.
  10. Daughters of Tarshish, make farm for una land as dem dey do farm near di Nile river (Egypt), becos una no get safe place for ship again.
  11. Baba-God stretch hin hand out for di big-river, and he shake di kingdoms of di earth. Baba-God don tok against di city wey get plenty market, con order sey make her strong-house scata.
  12. He tok sey, “Una no go ever dey happy again, chai daughters of Sidon, becos dem don crush una. Even if una run go Chittim (Cyprus), una no go see peace for there.”
  13. See di land of Babylon (Chaldeans), dis pipo wey no dey again! Di Assyrians don turn am to place for desert animals. Dem build dia tall-bulding to enta di city, dem empty di palaces, con turn di place to scata-scata.
  14. Ships of Tarshish—make una dey cry, becos dem don scata una safe place for ship.
  15. And e go happun dat day, dem go forget Tyre for seventy years, di life time of one king. Wen dis years don reach, Tyre go sing like ashawo.
  16. “Take music instrument wey get strings (harp), waka upandan for di city, you ashawo wey dem don fashi; compose sweet music, sing plenty songs, so dat dem go remember you.”
  17. And e go happun sey—afta di end of di seventy years, Baba-God go visit Tyre, and she go to back to her old business. Di city go be like woman wey dey sell her body to everi nation for di earth.
  18. Di moni wey she make from her business go belong to Baba-God. She no go keep am for bank, but those pipo wey dey worship Baba-God [serve for Baba-God house] go use her moni take buy food plus di clothes wey dem need.


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