Isaiah Chapter 25

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Song of Praise For Baba-God Favour

  1. Oh my Oga, na you be my God; and I go give you levels, I go praise your name, becos you don do ogbonge tins, your olden days wisdom na faithfulness plus truth.
  2. You don make di city scata for ground, and city wey get wall don turn to scata-scata; palace where strangers dey stay—wey no be city, and dem no go fit build am again.
  3. So di strong pipo go give you levels, di city of di wicked nations go fear you.
  4. Becos you don be strength for poor pipo, and pawa to pipo wey need urgent epp, place wey pesin fit hide from heavy-breeze, shade from di heat, wen di breath of di wicked pipo be like heavy-breeze wey dey push di wall.
  5. You go bring down di noise of foreign nations—like di heat for dry place; just as shade of cloud dey make heat calm down; di branch of di wicked pipo go cut down.
  6. And na for dis mountain (Zion) Baba-God Almighty go make big party for hin pipo. E go be sweet party wit ogogoro wey don konk (old wine), beta meat, beta wine, and good food.
  7. Na for dis mountain Baba-God go scata di tins wey dem cast to cover all di pipo, plus di face mask wey cover everi nation.
  8. He go swallow death as he dey win, and Baba-God go komot tears from everi face, and he go komot di punishment from hin pipo, from di whole earth—Baba-God don tok am.
  9. On dat day, di pipo go tok sey, “Dis na awa God, we don wait for am, and he go save us. Dis na Baba-God, we don wait for am, we go happy, con dey jolly sey he save us.
  10. Baba-God go rest hin hand on dis mountain, and he go march Moab under hin leg, even as dem dey march grass for where dem gada manure.
  11. Baba-God go spread hin hands among dem, just as pesin wey dey swim take dey spread hin hand to swim, and he go scata dia high-shoulder togeda wit all di tins wey dem don obtain.
  12. Baba-God go bring down di strong-house of dia wall—and he go bring dem reach ground—even reach dust.


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