Isaiah Chapter 26

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Song of Trust Becos Baba-God Dey Provide

  1.  On dat day dem go sing dis song for di land of Judah; “We get strong city, Baba-God go save awa walls and awa strong-fence (na Baba-God hinsef dey protect awa wall).
  2. Make una open di gates, so dat di nation wit clean-heart, wey dey keep di truth—fit enta inside.
  3. You go keep am inside correct peace—him wey hin mind dey on you, becos he trust you.
  4. Make una trust Baba-God forever, becos inside Oga CHINEKE nahin pawa wey dey last forever dey.
  5. He dey bring down di pipo wey dey up-up, he go make di city wey dey feel-big come down to ground—even reach dust.
  6. Legs go march am for ground, even di legs of pipo wey dem bin dey oppress, and di legs of pipo wey no get shi-shi.
  7. Di way of good pipo dey straight. Oh, Most Holy, make smooth road for good and beta pipo.
  8. Yes, oh Baba-God, we dey show awa trust for you as we dey obey your laws. Your name nahin awa soul dey fyne, and to remember you.
  9. Na wit my soul I take dey fyne you for night, yes, wit my spirit inside me nahin I go take fyne you for early mor-mor, becos wen your wisdom dey for di earth nahin di pipo wey dey stay for di world go learn how to get clean-heart.
  10. Even if you show favour to wicked pipo, dem no go still learn how to do good; for di land of goodness nahin he go dey do wuru-wuru, and he no go see as Baba-God fine reach.
  11. Baba-God, wen you carry your hand go up, dem no go see am (wen Baba-God carry hin hand to punish wicked pipo). But make dem see as you dey ginger for your pipo, and shame go catch dem becos dem dey jealous your pipo. Yes, make di faya wey you keep for your enemies—burn dem finish.
  12. Baba-God, you go sign peace for us, na you epp us for everitin wey don do.
  13. Oh Baba-God awa Oga, oda oga wey dey apart from you don oppress us, but na only your name we go dey tok about.
  14. Dem don kpeme, dem no fit live, dem don die, dem no fit stand up; nahin make you jam dem and you scata dem, and you scata all dia memory.
  15. You don make di nation grow, oh Baba-God, you don add-join di nation, and you get levels; you don add-join all di borders of di land.
  16. Baba-God, na for inside wahala dem take visit you, dem dey pray wen you dey punish dem.
  17. Like woman wey get-belle, wey dey feel pain as time don dey reach for her to born-pikin, and wey dey cry from inside her pain, naso we don be for your eyes, chai Baba-God.
  18. We don get-belle, we don feel pain, but na breeze we con born. We neva fit give salvation to di earth; and we neva bring life to di earth.
  19. But those of awa pipo wey don die go live again; dia deadbody go rise again. All of una wey dey for dust, make una wake up con sing wit happiness. Una dew be like di dew for morning; di earth go born ancestors again.

Kpanji For Di Judgement Wey Dey Come

20. Come my pipo, make una enta inside una room, and lock di door for una back, hide unasef for short-time, until hin vex don pass komot.

21. See, becos Baba-God dey come out from hin place to punish di pipo wey dey stay for di earth for dia bad-bad-tins. Di earth no go fit hide di pipo wey dem kill. Dem go show-face for everi pesin to see.


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