Isaiah Chapter 27

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Deliverance of Israel

  1. On dat day, Baba-God go carry hin strong, ogbonge and sharp sword—con punish Leviathan*, di snake wey dey move fast, dat snake wey dey coil and roll esef; and he go kill di dragon wey dey for di big-river.
  2. On dat day, Baba-God go tell hin grape-farm of red wine sey,
  3. “Me Baba-God dey keep am, I go water am everi minute; so dat pipo no go wound am, I go protect am for night and day.
  4. I no dey vex: If to sey pesin set briers* [wild flowers wey get sharp body] and shuuku-shuuku against me, naso I go march dem, con burn dem togeda.
  5. But if di enemies of my pipo want make I protect dem, make dem make peace wit me. Yes, make dem make peace wit me.”
  6. He go make di pikin-pikin-pikin of Jacob grow from root. Israel go grow and branch go come out, con full di whole world wit fruit.
  7. Abi Baba-God don nack Israel as he take nack her enemies? Abi Baba-God don punish Israel as he take punish her enemies?
  8. Baba-God make enemies pursue di pipo of Israel komot, to punish dem. You pursue dem komot from dia land as if na strong-breeze from di east blow dem komot.
  9. Dis tin wey happun nahin go make di sins of Jacob flush komot. And na dis tin go make dem fully komot dia sins; wen dem go komot all di pagan altars, con ground dem to dust, and dem go komot di image of Asherah plus dia incense altar.
  10. Di city wey get fence go empty, di houses go empty wit grass, and pipo no go dey for there like desert. Na for there di small malu go chop grass and branches, con lie down.
  11. Di pipo be like dead branch of tree wey don break komot. Di women go use dem do faya wood; dem be pipo wey no get understanding: Baba-God wey make dem no go sorry-for dem, and Baba-God wey make dem no go show dem favour.
  12. But e go happun on dat day, Baba-God go gada dem like seeds wey he wan komot from corn or wheat. Oh pipo of Israel, he go gada dem one by one—from di streams wey dey flow from di River [Euprates], to di River of Egypt.
  13. E go happun on dat day, di ogbonge trumpet go sound. And dem go come; di pipo wey don lose and wey dey die for di land of Assyria, plus di pipo wey run go Egypt, go come worship Baba-God for di holy mountain for Jerusalem.


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