Isaiah Chapter 28

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Di Judgement On Ephraim

  1. Wahala for di crown wey dey feel-big, to di pipo of Ephraim wey dey jogodo, wey dia beauty wey get levels dey fade komot like flower wey dey for di head of di green bottom-of-di-mountain of di pipo wey don high wit ogogoro.
  2. See, Baba-God get big and strong pipo (di Assyrians) wey go attack dem; dem go come like serious ice-stone wey dey fall anyhow, and like heavy-breeze wey dey scata tins, like plenty-water wey don overflow—and wey go fall dem yakata for ground .
  3. Dem go march di crown wey dey feel-big plus di drunkards of Ephraim—put for ground.
  4. And di beauty wey get levels, wey dey for di head of di fat bottom-of-mountain go be like flower wey dey fade. Any pesin wey see am go take am, as dem take dey pluck and  chop di first fruits wey first ripe for tree—even as di fruit still dey for di pesin hand.
  5. On dat day, Baba-God Almighty go be crown of levels for Israel. Baba-God go be fine crown of freedom to di pipo of Israel wey remain.
  6. Baba-God go be spirit of justice to di judges, and he go be pawa to di sojas wey dey fight di enemies for di gate.
  7. But highness don make dem waka miss-road, and ogogoro don make dem komot from di correct way. Wine don make both di priests plus di prophets waka miss-road, ogogoro don swallow dem. Dem don turn komot from di correct way becos of wine; dem dey see wrong vision, and dem no fit judge wit dia church-mind.
  8. All di table full wit vomit and yama-yama, sote no place clean.
  9. “Who Baba-God tink sey we be? And Why he dey follow us tok like dis? Abi we be small-small pikin wey just stop to dey drink milk and suck breast?
  10. Laws upon laws, laws upon laws. Rules upon rules, rules upon rules, small for here, small for there.”
  11. Baba-God go follow hin pipo tok (in a hard way) wit lips wey dey stammer and anoda language.
  12. Baba-God don tell hin pipo sey, “See place for una to rest; make pipo wey don taya rest for here. Dis na place wey dey quiet for una to chill.” But dem no gree hear word.
  13. So Baba-God message to dem go be (ordinary tok wey dem dey repeat): “Laws upon laws, laws upon laws. Rules upon rules, rules upon rules, small for here, small for there.” So dat dem go fall go back, con wound; dem go fall enta trap, and enemies go catch dem komot.

Di Foundation Stone For Zion

14. So make una hear Baba-God word, una wey be men of shame, wey dey rule dis pipo of Jerusalem.

15. Becos una don tok sey, “We don make agreement wit death, and we don make deal wit hell. Wen di serious punishment come, e no go ever touch us, becos we don make lie-lie awa strong-house, and we dey hide awa head inside fake-life.”

16. So Baba-God wey be awa Oga tok sey, “See, I dey put foundation stone for Zion, strong confam stone. Na beta foundation stone wey pesin fit build on top wit no shaking.

17. I go make justice be di measurement line, and clean-hands go be di plumb line; ice-stones go sweep una strong-house and lie-lie, and water go over-flow di place where una dey hide una head.

18. Naso una agreemet wit death go cancel, and una agreement wit hell no go stand. Wen di wicked enemy sweep una land, dem go march una for ground.

19. E go meet una as e dey pass: and e go pass again morning afta morning, for day plus night. And e go be serious kasala to even understand wetin e mean.

20. Becos di bed short pass as man fit take stretch on am, and di wrapper—sote pesin no fit cover hinsef wit am.

21. Baba-God go come as he do against di Philistines for di Mountain of Perazim and against di Amorites for Gibeon. He go come do ogbonge tins, he go come do wetin pipo neva see before: and he go do wetin he wan do, ogbonge tins.

22. No kontinu to dey laff about di warning wey I don give una, or di rope wey tie una go strong more-more; becos I don hear from Baba-God Almighty sey he don make up hin mind to scata di earth.

Listen To Baba-God Wisdom

23. Make una use una ears hear my yarnings. Listen to wetin I dey tok.

24. Abi farmer dey always dig wit-out planting? Abi he go just kontinu to dey tear di ground to make am soft?

25. Abi he no go plant di seed afta he don dig di ground, seeds like—black cummin, con spread cummin; he go plant wheat for rows, con plant barley for e place, plus emmer for e own space?

26. Na hin God dey teach am to use hin common sense, and he dey tell am wetin to do.

27. Dem no dey use sharp tool take march black commin*, and dem no dey use tyres take march cummins, but na stick dem dey use beat black cummin to komot di seed, and na rod dem dey take beat cummins to komot di seed.

28. Dem dey crush di seed of flour [or corn] for making bread, but di farmer no dey beat di seed forever—to komot dem. Even though he dey use di tyre of horse-moto take march di wheat, he no dey break dem.

29. Baba-God Almighty na ogbonge teacher and he dey give di farmer beta wisdom.


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