Isaiah Chapter 3

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         Baba-God Judge Judah Plus Jerusalem

  1. See, di Oga, di Oga of di armies of heaven go soon komot everitin wey Judah plus Jerusalem dey depend on—both food and water.
  2. Di strong man, and di man of war, di judge plus di prophet, and di wise, plus di old.
  3. Di captain of fifty, and di man wey dem respect, and di adviser, di artist wey get skill, plus di pipo wey sabi tok.
  4. I go make small-pikin to be dia leaders, and small-small pikin go rule over dem.
  5. And dem go oppress di pipo, everi one of dem go oppress demsef, and man neighbour go oppress am, small pikin go dey feel-big for old pesin, and ordinary pipo go dey feel-big for pipo wey get levels.
  6. Wen man go hold di broda of hin papa house, con tok sey, “At least you get cloth to wear, come be awa leader for dis time of scata-scata.”
  7. On dat day, he go swear sey, “I no fit epp una, becos bread and cloth no dey for my house. I no wan be leader of di pipo!”
  8. Becos Jerusalem don scata and Judah don fall, becos dia tongue and dia handwork dey against Baba-God to vex di eyes of hin levels.
  9. Di way dem look dey witness against dem. Dem dey show dia sins like di pipo of Sodom, and dem no dey even hide am. Gbege for dia soul. Dem don carry evil put for dia head.
  10. Make you tell pesin wey get clean-heart sey, ‘E go beta for am, dem go chop di fruit wey dem work for.”
  11. Wahala for wicked pesin! E no go beta for am, becos he go reap wetin he sow.
  12. As for my pipo, na leaders wey dey reason like small-small pikin dey oppress dem, and na women dey rule dem. Chai my pipo, una leaders dey carry una waka miss-road, and dem dey make una waka pass bad road.
  13. Baba-God don ready to judge, and he dey stand up to judge di pipo.
  14. Baba-God dey judge di senior-men plus di leaders. Becos una don rob grape-farms, and una house brekete wit di tins wey una don collect from poor pipo.
  15. Which right una get to nack my pipo to pieces, con grind di faces of pipo wey no get shi-shi? Na wetin Baba-God Almighty dey ask.”
  16. So, Baba-God tok sey, “Becos di daughters of Zion dey feel-big, and dem dey waka wit dia neck wey long, plus big-eyes. Dem dey cat-walk, and di chain for dia legs dey shake.
  17. Naso Baba-God go put sores for di heads of di daughters of Zion, Baba-God go turn dia head to gorimakpa (bald).
  18. On dat day of judgement, Baba-God go komot all di tins wey dey make dem fine; leg-chain, scaff, plus dia half-moon necklace,
  19. pendants, bracelet, and head-cover,
  20. Dia caps, leg beads, headtie, perfume box, juju,
  21. rings, nose rings,
  22. aso-ebi, gowns, designer clothes, bags,
  23. mirrors, fine linen, fine caps, and cloth wey dey cover di whole body.
  24. Naso e go happun sey instead of perfume—na yeye smell go con dey; instead of belt—na rope go dey; instead of beta fine hair—na gorimakpa go dey; instead of fine clothes—na sacklocth; instead of originality—dem go package dia shame.
  25. Na sword go kill una men, and your men wey get pawa well-well go fall for war.
  26. Di gates of Zion go cry and dem go complain; she no go get shi-shi, and she go sidon for ground.


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