Isaiah Chapter 30

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To Depend On Egypt Na Waste of Time

  1. “Wahala for all di pikin wey no dey obey Baba-God,”—naso Baba-God tok, “Pikin wey dey follow hin own plan, instead of am to follow Baba-God wisdom; pikin wey dey make plan wey no be from my Spirit, sote dem con dey add sin join dia sins.
  2. Pipo wey dey waka enta Egypt, and wey no ask any word from my mouth, pipo wey dey depend on di pawa of Pharaoh, and wey dey hope on di shadow of Egypt!
  3. So, di pawa of Pharaoh go be una shame, and di hope on di shadow of Egypt go be una katakata.
  4. E princes bin dey for Zoan, and e messenger come Hanes.
  5. Shame catch dem becos of di pipo wey dem no fit gain anytin from, and pipo wey no fit epp. Useless pipo wey be shame and disgrace.
  6. Di prophecy against di animals of di south. Inside di land of wahala and kasala from where di young and old lion dey come, di viper plus di snake wey dey fly wit poison. Dem go carry dia beta-beta-tins for di shoulders of young donkey, con put dia beta-beta-tins on top of camel back—to go give pipo [Egypt] wey dem no go gain anytin from [Egypt wey no fit protect dem].
  7. Becos di Egyptians no go fit epp una, and dia epp na in vain, so I call dem, ‘Dragon wey no get pawa.’

Pipo Wey No Dey Gree For Baba-God

8. Now go write am for dem for table, and write am down for book, so dat e go dey for future and forever,

9. sey dis na pipo wey no dey obey Baba-God word, lie-lie pikin, pikin wey no dey hear di law of Baba-God:

10. Dem dey tell di prophets sey, “Make una stop to dey see visions. No tell us about di right tins, tell us tins wey go make body sweet us. Tell us lies.

11. komot from road, no dey block awa way, no dey tell us about di Holy One of Israel.”

12. So di Holy One of Israel tok sey, “Becos una hate di word wey I dey tell una, and una trust in oppression, and una depend on mago-mago,

13. Kasala go come meet una like wall wey wan fall, wey wan burst from up, and wey go fall now-now-now.

14. E go break to pieces like clay pot, con scata anyhow sote dem no go fit see any small part wey big reach to carry charcoal from faya-wood, or to carry small water from well.”

15. Naso Baba-God tok, Baba-God wey be di Holy One of Israel, “Only if una come back to me and rest inside me, con calm down trust me, naso una go strong and una go dey safe.” But una no go gree.

16. Instead, una tok sey, “No, we go escape wit horses.” And naso una go run komot! “We go ride awa horse wey sabi run well-well.” But even di enemies wey dey pursue una sef go fast pass una.

17. One pesin go threaten one thousand pipo sote dem go run. Only five pipo go threaten una sote all of una go run, until una con remain like pole wey dey alone on top of mountain, or like flag on top of hill.”

Baba-God Go Show Hin Grace

18. Naso Baba-God go wait, so dat he go show una hin grace; and he go raise hinsef up, so dat he go sorry-for una, becos Baba-God na di Oga of justice, blessings for all di pipo wey dey wait for am.”

19. Di pipo go stay for Zion for Jerusalem; una no go cry again: he go show una hin grace well-well wen he hear una cry, wen he hear una prayers, he go ansa una.

20. Even though Baba-God bin give una suffer-head as food, and di water of pain, but he no go stop to dey teach una, and he no go dey far to teach una.

21. If una waka miss road go right or left, una go hear one voice from una back, “Na dis be di road, follow am.”

22. Una go take una idols wey una cover wit silver, and una idols wey una cover wit gold, and una go throway dem like cloth wey woman use for her period, and una go dey shout sey, “Komot from my road!”

23. Naso he go send rain for una seed, so dat una go plant for di land, and una harvest go brekete for di land. On dat day, una malu go chop for where green grass plenty.

24. Di malu plus donkeys wey dey work for una farm go chop di fine food wey una don komot di chaff wit fan and shovel.

25. On di day wen di tall-house of una enemies go fall, and wen una enemies go die like fawo, rivers and streams go flow from everi high mountain and everi high hill.

26. But di light of di moon go bright like di light of di sun, and di light of di sun go shine seven times, like di light of seven days. Dis tin go happun on di day wen Baba-God heal hin pipo, and treat di wounds.

Punishment of Assyria

27. See, Baba-God name dey come from far and e dey burn wit hin vex, and di weight heavy. Vex burku for hin lips, and hin tongue be like faya wey dey burn to ashes.

28. Hin breath be like stream wey e water dey overflow reach hin enemies neck, to filter di nations wey dey feel-big—to scata dem. He go put horse-rope for dia jaws to drag dem enta scata-scata.

29. So una go sing, like di night wey una dey celebrate una holy festival; una hearts go dey happy like pipo wey dey waka follow di music of flute, as dem dey go Baba-God house for mountain—Baba-God wey dey protect Israel.

30. Baba-God go make dem hear hin voice wey get levels, and he go show di pawa of hin strong hand, hin hand go come down wit serious vex like faya wey dey burn well-well, wit scata-scata, heavy-breeze, plus ice-stones.

31. Baba-God voice go beat di Assyrians kpatakpata—he go nack dem down wit hin stick.

32. And for everi place where di stick of Baba-God punishment pass, wey Baba-God go bring on dem, hin pipo go celebrate wit sheke-sheke and strings (harp); and He go shake hin strong hand for up, con use am take fight di Assyrians.

33. E don tey wey place (Tophet) don set for di king of Assyria. Di place for di faya deep and e wide, wit plenty faya plus wood. Baba-God go breath plenty faya to burn am—like faya from mountain wey dey melt.


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