Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Isaiah Chapter 31

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Wahala For Those Wey Depend On Egypt

  1. Wahala for di pipo wey run go Egypt for epp, and wey dey depend on dia horses and trust dia horse-moto—becos dem many, and wey trust dia horse-riders—becos dem strong well-well, but dem no gree look di Holy One of Israel, and dem no gree fyne Baba-God.
  2. But Baba-God get-sense sef, he go bring evil, and he no go change hin mouth; but he go stand up to change-am-for di house of those pipo wey dey do evil, and against di pipo wey dey epp evil pipo.
  3. Now di Egyptians na men—and dem no be God, and dia horse na flesh—no be spirit. Wen Baba-God go stretch hin hand go out, both di pesin wey dey  epp go fall, and even di pesin wey dem dey epp—go fall down, and all of dem go kpeme togeda.
  4. Becos dis na wetin Baba-God yarn me, “Like as lion and young lion dey halla for di meat wey he catch wen plenty shepherds don come to attack am, e no go fear dia voice or bring esef low becos of di noise of dem, naso Baba-God Almighty go come down to fight for mountain Zion, and for di hill.
  5. Like birds wey dey fly to protect e small-small pikin, naso Baba-God Almighty go defend Jerusalem, and he go pass over to save Jerusalem.”
  6. Una don sin against me, and una don change-am-for me, but make una come back to me now, oh pikins of Israel.
  7. Becos on dat day, everi man go throway hin idols wey dem make wit dia hand, idols of silver and gold—sin wey una own hand make for unasef.
  8. Naso di Assyrians go fall wit sword, no be strong man sword go fall dem, no be wicked man sword go fall dem, but dem go run from war, and dem go carry dia young men for slave work.
  9. Di Assyrians go run komot go dia strong-place wit fear, and dia princes go fear wen dem see una war flags,” naso Baba-God tok—Baba-God wey hin faya dey for Jerusalem, and wey hin hot-hot-faya dey for Jerusalem.


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