Isaiah Chapter 32

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Di King Wit Clean-Heart

  1. See, one king go reign wit clean-heart, and princes go rule wit justice.
  2. And man go be like place wey pipo dey hide from strong-breeze, and place wey pipo dey hide from bad weather. Dem go be like rivers wey dey for inside desert, like shadow of big rock for hot dry land.
  3. Di eyes of di pipo wey dey see—no go close, and di ears of di pipo wey hear—go obey.
  4. Di heart of di pipo wey dey do anyhow—go understand tins, and those pipo wey dey stammer—go dey ready to tok well-well.
  5. Dem no go call mumu pipo ‘prince’ again, and dem no go respect jaguda pipo again.
  6. Becos di evil pesin go tok wit wickedness, and hin heart go plan evil tins, to do fake tins, and to tok error against Baba-God, to empty di soul of pipo wey dey hungry, and he go komot water from di mouth of pipo wey wan drink water.
  7. Di instrument of evil pipo na wickedness. Dem dey plan evil tins—to carry lie-lie mata put for poor pesin head—even wen di poor pesin dey tok di right tin.

Di Women Of Jerusalem

8. But beta pipo dey plan good tins, and na good tins go make am stand.

9. Listen, women wey dey live easy life, hear my voice all dis babes wey dey do anyhow, listen to wetin I dey yarn.

10. Dis babes wey dey do anyhow—una go suffer for many days and years, becos una grapes no go dey again, and una harvest go stop.

11. Dis women wey dey live easy life, make una dey shake—una wey be ajebuta; Komot una clothes, con tie rags round una waist.

12. Beat your breast wit sadness, becos dem don scata di beta land, con scata di grape-farms.

13. Shuuku-shuuku and wild plant go grow for di land of my pipo, yes, for all di house of joy inside di city of happiness.

14. Becos dem go fashi all di palace, plenty pipo go komot from there, dia strong-house and tall-house go turn to joint for animals forever, place where wild donkey dey flex, and place wey malu go dey chop;

15. Until di spirit pour on us from up-up, and di desert go produce fruit again, and di good land go be like forest.

16. Naso justice go dey for di desert land, and goodness go remain for di beta land.

17. And dis goodness go bring peace, yes, e go make everi where chill, con bring assurance forever.

18. Naso my pipo go stay for where peace dey, and for place wey sure, and for quiet place wey dem fit rest put,

19. even if ice-stone fall down from sky con scata di forest, and di city lay low kpatakpata.

20. Blessings for di pipo wey dey plant near everi water, and una wey dey let una malu plus donkeys—move wit feedom for di green-land.


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