Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Isaiah Chapter 33

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Baba-God Level High

  1. Wahala for you if you dey obtain pipo—and pipo neva obtain you. Wahala for you wey dey do magomago for pipo—and pipo neva do you magomago! Wen you stop to dey obtain pipo nahin pesin go obtain you. And wen you don stop to dey do mago-mago, nahin pipo go con do you magomago.
  2. Chai Chineke (Baba-God), show us your grace, we don put awa hope on you. I wan make you be awa pawa everi day, and save us from di time of wahala.
  3. Wen di pipo hear di noise of di kata-kata, dem run, di nations scata wen you carry yoursef go up.
  4. Just as locust and caterpillars take dey chop farm kpatakpata, naso you go take naked di army of Assyria.
  5. Baba-God get levels, becos he dey stay for up-up, he don full Zion wit justice plus goodness.
  6. On dat day, na Baba-God go be stable foundation of wisdom plus knowledge, and pawa to save. Di fear of Baba-God go be una special gift.
  7. See, dia strong ones go cry out, di messengers of peace go cry well-well.
  8. All di main-road don empty, sote no pesin fit travel pass dem. Di Assyrians don break di agreement of peace, dem don reject di cities, dem no-send any man.
  9. Di earth dey cry and e dey feel pain. Lebanon dey shame and e cut down. Sharon be like desert, and Bashan plus Carmel shake dia fruits komot.

Di Judgement Wey Dey Come On Zion

10. “Now I go rise,” naso Baba-God tok, “Now I go get levels; now I go carry mysef up.

11. Una go get-belle of chaff—con born grass: una own breath go turn to faya wey go burn una.

12. Di pipo go burn like lime, like shuuku-shuuku wey cut put for faya, naso dem go burn.

13. Una wey dey far-far hear wetin I don do, and una wey dey near—make una confam my pawa.”

14. Di sinners for Zion dey fear, fear-fear don surprise di pipo wey dey live fake-life. Dem tok sey, “Who among us fit stay wit di faya wey dey burn to ashes? Who among us fit stay wit sometin wey dey burn forever?”

15. Na pesin wey dey waka wit clean-heart and wey dey tok straight, na pesin wey no dey scam pipo, pesin wey dey komot hin hand from bribe, pesin wey no dey listen to pipo wey dey plan to kill, and pesin wey dey close hin eyes to tins wey go make am do evil.

16. So he go stay for up-up. Di rocks of di mountains go be hin strong-house. He go get food, and he go get plenty water sef.

Di Land of Di King Wit Levels

17. Your eyes go see di king as he fine reach; dem go see di land wey dey far-far.

18. Una go lata reason dis time of kasala, con ask sey, “Where di Assyrian sojas wey bin dey count awa tall-building? Where di pipo wey dey write? Where di pipo wey dey weigh all di tins wey dem collect from us?”

19. Una no go ever see wicked pipo again, pipo wey dia language deep pass wetin una fit reason, and tongue wey dey stammer sote una no fit understand am.

20. Look Zion wey be di city of awa holy festival: your eyes go see Jerusalem wey be quiet place, tent (house) wey no fit move, wey e nails no go fit komot, and any of e ropes no go break.

21. But for there nahin Baba-God wey get levels as king—go turn to place of big rivers and small-rivers for us, where no enemy boat go paddle for di water, and where no big ships go cross.

22. Becos na Chineke [Baba-God] be awa judge, na Baba-God dey give us di law, Oluwa nahin be awa Oba [king]; he go save us.

23. Di ship-rope of di enemies don loose, e no fit hold di ship-pole, e no fit spread di ship-cloth. And Baba-God pipo go sieze di properties of di enemies, sote even pesin wey no fit waka go collect hin share!

24. No pesin wey dey stay for there (Zion) go tok sey, “I dey sick”; Baba-God go forgive di sins of di pipo wey dey stay for there.


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