Isaiah Chapter 34

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Judgement On Di Nations

  1. Make una shift come near—all di nations, to hear and obey, oh pipo. Make di earth plus everi pesin wey dey live for di earth come here to listen.
  2. Becos Baba-God dey vex for di nations, and he dey para for all di armies: he don scata dem kpatakpata. He don allow pipo kill dem.
  3. Dem no go bury dia deadbody, so dia deadbody go dey smell, and di mountains go drop wit dia blood.
  4. Di moon, sun plus di stars go melt, and di heavens go roll togeda like paper: and everitin wey dey for inside am go fall down, just as leaf take dey fall from vine tree, and as fruit take dey fall from fig tree.
  5. Becos my sword go baff for heaven. See, e go come down on Idumea, and e go come down to judge di pipo wey I don curse.
  6. Baba-God sword full wit blood (from sacrifices), e dey drop fit fat, and wit di blood of lambs plus goats, wit di fat of di kidney of rams; becos Baba-God sacrifice for Bozrah (wey be di capital of Edom), and plenty killing for di land of Idumea.
  7. Even men wey strong like wild malu go die, and di small malu, wit di strong malu. Dia kontri go flow wit dia own blood, and dia land go soak wit fat.
  8. Becos dis na di time wey Baba-God go save Zion, con revenge on dia enemies.
  9. Di rivers of Edom go turn to pitch*, di land go turn to sulfur; and di whole land go cover wit faya.
  10. E no go fit quench for night or day, di smoke go go up forever, from generation to generation nahin di land go be waste, and no pesin go fit pass tru di land forever and ever.
  11. But di cormorant plus di bittern nahin go stay for there. Di owl sef, plus di raven go stay for there. Baba-God go measure dat land—he go measure am for katakata and scata-scata.
  12. Dem go call dia men wey get levels come di kingdom, but none of dem go dey for there, and all dia princes go be notin.
  13. Naso shuuku-shuuku go grow for all dia palaces, and nettles plus brambles (wild flowers) go grow for there strong-house. Na for there dragons go dey, and house for owl.
  14. Di wild animal of di desert go jam di wolves for there. Even di wild goats go dey sing for there. Di owls wey dey cry for night—go come rest for there, con turn di place to where she dey chill.
  15. Na for there di ogbonge owl go build her bird-house, con lay eggs, she go hash dem, con cover dem wit her feathers. Na for there sef di vultures go gada, all of dem wit dia partner.
  16. Make una torch-light tins inside Baba-God book and make una read. No single one of dis birds plus animals go dey miss, and no single one go dey wit-no partner. Na Baba-God tok am, and na hin Spirit go gada dem togeda.
  17. Na Baba-God go divide di land among dem, con give all of dem share. Dem go stay for di land year afta year, and e go belong to dem from generation to generation.


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