Isaiah Chapter 35

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Di Future Levels Of Zion

  1. Di desert and di empty place go happy; di desert go celebrate, and di desert  go happy, con grow like rose flower;
  2. E go grow full everi where, con celebrate even wit happiness plus singing; Di desert go green like di mountains of Lebanon, e go shine like mountain Carmel plus di smooth land of Sharon. Na for there Baba-God go show hin levels, and di fineness of awa God.
  3. Make una make di hand wey no-strong—get pawa, and confam di knees wey don weak.
  4. Tell di pipo wey dia heart dey always cut—sey, “Make una dey strong, make una no dey fear; see, your God go show-face wit revenge for hin enemies, plus hin reward, and he go come save una.  
  5. Naso di eyes of di blind pipo go open, and deaf pipo ears go open.
  6. Man wey no fit waka go dey jump like hart, and di tongue of pipo wey no fit tok—go start to dey sing. Water go start to dey flow for inside desert, and streams for inside desert.
  7. Dry ground go turn to water, and water go burst out from land wey don dry: for where jakals dey stay, for where dem dey lie down—na for there grass go grow wit reed* plus rushes*.
  8. Naso main-road go dey for there, and way go dey; dem go call am, “Di Road of Pure-heart.’ Pipo wey no get clean-heart no go fit pass am. E go be for those pipo wey dey waka for Baba-God way, and even mumu pipo no go waka miss-road for there.
  9. No lion go dey for there, or no hungry animal go go there, dem no go see am for there; but pipo wey Baba-God don save nahin go waka for there.
  10. Di pipo wey Baba-God don save go come back, and dem go come Zion wit songs of everlasting happiness for dia heads; dem go see joy plus happiness, and sorrow plus cry-cry go run komot.


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