Isaiah Chapter 36

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Sennacherib Make-mouth Against Baba-God

  1. Now e happun for di fourteenth year of king Hezekiah, Sennacherib wey be di king of Assyria come fight against all di city of Judah wey get defense, and he win dem.
  2. Di king of Assyria send Rabshakeh from Lachish to Jerusalem, go meet king Hezekiah wit big army. Naso he stand near di canal wey dey bring water go di pool wey dey for up, near di road wey di dry-cleaners wey wash cloth.
  3. So three pipo from Judah come out to meet am: Eliakim di official wey dey in charge of di palace and wey be Hilkiah son, Shebna wey be di writer, plus Joah di official in charge of records and wey be di son of Asaph.
  4. Rabshakeh con tell dem sey, “Now make una go tell Hezekiah sey, ‘Naso di ogbonge king tok, di king of Assyria: Which confidence be dis wey you trust?’
  5. I sey make you tell me, but wetin you go tell me no even mean anytin sef. I get plan and pawa for war. Now who you dey trust wey you no wan gree for me?
  6. See, na di walking-stick of Egypt wey don break nahin you dey trust, wey if man rest body put, e go enta inside hin hand, con shuuk am. Naso Pharaoh be to all di pipo wey trust am.
  7. But if you tell me sey, ‘We trust Baba-God awa Oga: Abi no be Baba-God altar and worship-place Hezekiah scata, con tell di pipo of Judah plus Jerusalem sey ‘Una must worship for dis altar?’
  8. Now I dey beg una make una bow to my oga—di king of Assyria, and I go give you 2,000 horses, if you go fit bring men wey go ride dem.
  9. How you go con fit fight against one commander of di smallest of my oga servants, con put your trust on Egypt for horse-moto and for horsemen?”
  10. Abi una tink sey I dey attack una kontri, con scata am wit-out Baba-God epp? Na Baba-God hinsef tell me to attack dis city, con scata am.”
  11. Naso Eliakim and Shebna, plus Joah con tell Rabshakeh sey, “Abeg tok to us your servants wit Syrian language—we sabi am, and no follow us tok wit Jews language, for di ears of di pipo wey dey for di wall.”
  12. But Rabshakeh tok sey, “Abi my oga send me only to your oga and to una, to yarn dis words? Abi no be to di men wey dey for dis wall sef—so dat dem go chop dia own shit, con drink dia own piss wit una?”
  13. Naso Rabshakeh stand, he shout wit loud voice for Jews language, con tok sey, “Make una hear di words of di great king of Assyria.
  14. Naso di king tok, ‘Make una no let Hezekiah scam una, becos he no go fit save una.
  15. Or make una no let Hezekiah make una trust Baba-God—sey: Baba-God go surely save us, dis city no go fall under di hand of di king of Assyria.’ ”
  16. Make una no listen to Hezakiah: Na wetin di king of Assyria tok be dis, ‘Make una sign agreement wit me wit gift, and make una come meet me, so dat everi pesin go fit chop  from hin grape tree, and from hin fig tree, and make everi pesin drink from di water of hin well;
  17. Until I come carry una komot go one land wey be like una own land, land wey get corn and wine, and land of food and grape-farms.
  18. I dey warn una now make Hezekiah no go whyne una sey, ‘Baba-God go save us.’ Abi any of di gods of di nations don fit save dia land from di hand of king of Assyria?
  19. Where di gods of Hamath plus Arphad? Where di gods of Sepharvaim? Abi dem don true-true save Samaria from my hands?
  20. Who dem be among all di gods of dis lands wey don save dia land from my hands, wey Baba-God go con save Jerusalem from my hand?”
  21. But dem just keep quiet and dem no ansa am any single word, becos di king bin tell dem sey, “Make una no ansa am.”
  22. Naso Eliakim wey dey in charge of di palace, and wey be di son of Hilkiah, Shebna wey be writer, plus Joah wey dey keep record and wey be di son of Asaph—go meet Hezekiah. Dem tear dia cloth wit sadness, and dem enta to see di king, con tell am wetin di Rabshakeh tok.


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