Isaiah Chapter 37

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Hezekiah Fyne Isaiah Epp

  1. E con happun sey wen king Hezekiah hear wetin happun, he tear hin cloth, naso he wear sackcloth, con enta Baba-God house.
  2. And he send Eliakim wey dey in charge of di palace, Shebna wey be writer, and di top priests. All of dem wear sackcloth go meet prophet Isaiah wey be Amoz son.
  3. Dem con tell am sey, “Na wetin Hezekiah tok be dis, ‘Today na day of wahala, insult, plus shame. E be like wen woman wan born small pikin, but di mama no con get pawa to push di pikin come out.
  4. Maybe Baba-God una Oga go hear di words of Rabshakeh, wey di king of Assyria, hin oga send to downgrade di living God, and Baba-God go punish am for hin words. Chai, pray for those of us wey remain!”
  5. So di servant of king Hezekiah go meet Isaiah.
  6. Isaiah con tell dem sey, “Na wetin you go tell una oga be dis, ‘Naso Baba-God tok: no let fear catch you becos of wetin you don hear, wey di servant of di king of Assyria don downgrade Baba-God.
  7. See, I go send one kain spirit go meet am, and he go hear gist, con go back to hin own land. So I go make am die by di sword for hin own land.’ ”

Sennacherib Letter Wey Downgrade Baba-God

8. Naso Rabshakeh go back, con see sey di king of Assyria dey fight wit Libnah, he bin hear sey he don bin komot from Lachish.

9. And he hear gist about Tirhakah wey be di king of Ethiopia—sey, “He dey come fight against you.” And wen he hear am, he send messengers go meet Hezekiah sey,

10. “Make una tell Hezekiah wey be di king of Judah sey, ‘No let your God wey you trust deceive you sey—Jerusalem no go enta di hands of di king of Assyria.

11. See, abi you neva hear wetin di king of Assyria don do to all land as he scata dem kpata-kpata? And you go dey safe?

12. Abi di gods of di nations don save dem wey my papa don scata, like Gozan and Haran, plus Rezeph, plus di pipo of Eden wey dey for Telassar?

13. Where di king of Hamath dey, plus di king of Arphad, and di king of di city of Sepharvaim, Hena, plus Ivah?”

Hezekiah Prayer

14. Naso Hezekiah collect di letters from di messengers, con read am. So Hezekiah go up to Baba-God house, con spread am for Baba-God front.

15. Hezekiah con start to dey pray to Baba-God sey,

16. “Chai Baba-God Almighty, Baba-God of Israel wey dey stay between di cherubim, na you be Baba-God, only You, out of all di kingdoms for di earth. Na you make heaven plus earth.

17. Oh Baba-God, turn your ears, and make you hear, open your eyes oh Baba-God, and make you see; con hear all di words of Sennacherib, wey dem send to disgrace di living God.

18. True-true, Baba-God, di king of Assyria don scata all di nations plus dia kontris.

19. And he don throway dia gods put inside faya, becos dem no be gods, but dem be di handwork of men, wood plus stone; nahin make Assyria fit scata dem.

20. So now Baba-God awa Oga, save us from hin hand, so dat all di kingdoms of di earth go sabi sey na you be Baba-God, and na only you be Baba-God.”

As Sennacherib Take Fall

21. Naso Isaiah wey be di son of Ahaz, send message to Hezekiah sey, “Naso Baba-God wey be di Oga of Israel tok, ‘Becos you pray to me about king Sennacherib of Assyria,

22. Na dis be di word wey Baba-God don tok against am: Di virgin, di daughter of Zion don hate you and don laff to shame you, di daughters of Jerusalem don shake dia head for you.

23. Who you disgrace and downgrade? And who you don raise your voice against, and you carry your eyes go up-up for? Even against di Holy One of Israel.

24. You don use your servant take disgrace Baba-God, and you don tok sey, ‘Na becos my horse-moto plenty nahin I fit climb up high to di mountains, to di highest sides of Lebanon; and I go cut down di tall cedar trees from there, wit di best cypress trees. I go enta far-far for di tallest part of e thick forest.

25. I don dig well, con drink water, and I don use my leg take dry all di streams of Egypt.

 Asyria Camp Scata

26. Una neva hear am tey-tey—as I take do am, and sey I don plan am since olden days? Now I don make am happun—sey you go beat cities wey get wall, to turn dem to scata-scata.

27. Nahin make di pipo wey dey for there get only small pawa, fear and katakata catch dem well-well. Dem be like grass for field, and like green plant, like grass wey dey on top of house, wey sun dey burn even before e fit grow.

28. But I know where you dey stay, wen you dey go out and wen you dey enta, and as you dey vex for me.

29. Becos of your vex for me and you dey feel-big for me, I don hear all dis tins, so I go put my hook for your nose, and my horse-rope for your lips, and I go carry una pass di same road wey una come from.”

30. Naso Isaiah tell king Hezekiah sey, “Na dis go be di sign for you: Dis year and next year, you go chop di plants wey grow on dia own, but you go fit plant again by di third year, con harvest wetin you plant—plant grape-farm, con chop di fruit.

31. Di remaining pipo from di house of Judah, wey escape from enemies—go grow enta ground like root, and dem go bring fruit come out.

32. Di pipo wey remain go spread out from Jerusalem, and pipo wey survive—from Mountain Zion, becos di ginger of Baba-God Almighty—go make am happun.

33. “So na wetin Baba-God tok about di king of Assyria be dis, ‘He no go enta dis city and he no go shoot any arrow for there, or come face am wit shield, or build wall to attack di city.

34. Di road wey he follow come nahin he go follow go back, and he no go enta di city,’ naso Baba-God tok,

35. ‘Becos I go defend di city to save am for my sake, and for di sake of my servant David.’ ”

36. Naso Baba-God angel move go front to scata di camp of di Assyrians, he con kill 185,000 sojas. And wen dem wake up for early morning, see as all of dem don turn to deadbody.

37. So Sennacherib wey be di king of Assyria go back, he komot, and he go stay for Nineveh.

38. E con happun sey as he dey worship for di house of Nisroch hin god, naso Adrammelech and Sharezer wey be hin sons con kill am wit sword; and dem escape go di land of Armenia: and Esarhaddon hin son con be king.


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