Isaiah Chapter 38

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Di Sickness of Hezekiah and As He Take Heal

  1. In those day, Hezekiah con dey sick sote he wan kpeme, and Isaiah di prophet wey be di son of Ahaz come meet am, con tell am sey, “Naso Baba-God tok, ‘Arrange your house, becos you go kpeme and you no go live.’ ”
  2. Naso Hezekiah face wall con dey pray to Baba-God.
  3. He tok sey, “Chai Baba-God, I dey beg you, remember how I don waka for your front inside truth and wit perfect heart, and I don do wetin dey good for your eyes.” Naso Hezekiah con dey cry well-well.
  4. But Baba-God word con meet Isaiah—sey,
  5. “Go tell Hezekiah sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God wey be di God of David your ancestor dey tok, “I don hear your prayer, I don see your tears: See, I go add fifteen years join your years.
  6. I go save you plus dis city from di hands of di king of Assyria: and I go defend dis city.
  7. Na dis go be sign to you from Baba-God, sey Baba-God go do dis tin wey he don tok;
  8. I go make di shadow of di sun move ten steps go back for di shadow-clock of king Ahaz. Naso di shadow move ten steps go back.

Hezekiah Song Of Tanks-giving

9. Di writing of Hezekiah wey be di king of Judah wen he bin dey sick, and hin body dey heal from di sickness.

10. I bin tok sey, “For di middle of my life, nahin I go go di land of di dead, and I no go live my life again.”

11. I tok sey, “I no go see Baba-God for di land of di living, I no go see man again wit di pipo wey dey stay for di world.

12. My life don komot, and e don move from me like shepherd tent for heavy-breeze. My life don cut komot—just as pesin wey dey weave cloth take dey cut di cloth komot from di weaving-machine; from morning to night—you dey end my life.

13. I reason until morning reach. Like lion, naso he dey break all my bones: from morning till night nahin You go end my life.

14. Like swallow or like crane (birds), naso I dey cry, and I cry like dove. My eyes con taya to dey look heaven for epp. Baba-God, save me; dem dey oppress me.

15. Wetin I go tok? Baba-God hinsef nahin send dis sickness. Now I go waka wit jeje all my life, becos of di gbege wey dey inside my soul.

16. Oh Baba-God, your teaching dey good, e dey lead to life plus health; naso you go heal me, con make me live!

17. See, dis suffer-head bin dey good for me, becos you don save me from death wit your love, and you don put all my sins for your back [you don forgive me].

18. Pipo wey dey for inside grave no fit praise you, deadbody no fit praise you; di pipo wey dey go down to grave no fit hope for Your truth.

19. Na only pipo wey dey alive fit praise you as I dey praise you today. Everi generation dey tell di next generation about Your truth.

20. Baba-God ready to save me: so we go sing my song wit music instrument wey get strings—for all di days of awa life, for inside Baba-God house.

21. Isaiah bin tok sey, “Use fig fruits wey dem mix, con rob am for di boil, and Hezekiah go heal.”

22. Hezekiah bin tok sey, “Wetin be di sign to confam sey I go go Baba-God house?”


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