Isaiah Chapter 39

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Hezekiah Show Hin Beta-beta-tins

  1. For dat time, Merodachbaladan wey be di son of Baladan—di king of Babylon send   letters and gift to Hezekiah: becos he bin hear sey Hezekiah bin dey sick, but he don dey okay.
  2. And Hezekiah welcome di messengers, con show dem hin beta-beta-tins, hin silver plus gold, hin spices and perfumes, all hin weapons, plus everitin wey dey inside hin store. E no get anytin wey for hin house or wey he dey control wey he no show dem.

Isaiah Predict Sey Dem Go Catch Babylon

3. So Isaiah di prophet come meet Hezekiah, he con tell am sey, “Wetin dis men tok? And from where dem take come meet you?” Hezekiah con tok sey, “Dem come meet me from Babylon wey be far-far kontri.”

4. So Isaiah tok sey, “Wetin dem see for your house?” Naso Hezekiah ansa am, “Dem see everitin wey dey for inside my house, e no get anytin among my beta-beta-tins wey I no show dem.”

5. So Isaiah tell Hezekiah sey, “Hear di word of Baba-God Almighty.

6. ‘See, day dey come wen everitin wey dey for inside your house, and everitin wey your papa don keep for inside store reach today—dem go carry dem go Babylon. Notin go remain,’ naso Baba-God tok.

7. Dem go carry some of your pikin-pikin-pikin, con turn dem to eunuchs* (servants) to serve for di palace of di king of Babylon.”

8. Naso Hezekiah tell Isaiah sey, “Baba-God word wey you don tok good.” Di king con dey reason sey, “At least peace plus truth go dey for my days.”


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