Isaiah Chapter 4

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Wetin Remain For Zion

  1. On dat day, seven women go dey drag one man, con tok sey, “We go chop awa own food, con wear awa own cloth, make we only ansa your name—so dat shame no go catch us.
  2. On dat day, di branch of Baba-God go fine well-well and e go get levels, and di fruit of di earth go good and fine for dem wey escape from Israel.
  3. And e go happun sey di pipo wey remain for Zion, and di pipo wey remain for Jerusalem—dem go call dem holy pipo—even everi pesin wey dem write dia name among di living for Jerusalem.
  4. Wen Baba-God don wash di yama-yama komot from di daughters of Zion, con wash di stain of blood komot from Jerusalem—by di spirit judgement and by di spirit of faya.
  5. And Baba-God go make cloud of smoke for day time for Mountain Zion, and for all di pipo wey gada for there. He go provide shade of cloud for day time, and burning faya wey dey shine for night—and Baba-God levels go be protection to cover everitin.
  6. E go be shade from di heat for afta-noon, and place wey pipo go hide from strong-breeze plus rain.


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