Isaiah Chapter 40

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Make Road For Di Oga

  1. “Make una calm down, make una calm down my pipo,” naso Baba-God tok,
  2. “Tok to Jerusalem wit jeje, con tell her sey her days of suffer-head don finish, and Baba-God don komot her wickedness; becos Baba-God don give her double punishment for her sins.”
  3. Di voice of pesin wey dey cry for desert, “Arrange road for di Oga, make straight road for inside di desert for di Oga.
  4. Di bottom of everi mountain go raise, everi mountain and hill go cut down, rugged way go dey straight, and di places wey rough go smooth.
  5. Naso Baba-God levels go show-face, and everi pesin go see am togeda; becos Baba-God mouth don tok am.”

Baba-God Word Dey Stand Forever

6. Di voice tok sey, “Shout,” and he con tok sey, “Wetin make I shout?”  “All flesh na grass, and all e levels be like flower for field [wey dey fade]:

7. Di grass dey dry, and flowers dey fade, becos Baba-God Spirit dey blow am: surely di pipo be like grass.

8. Di grass dey dry, and flowers dey fade; but Baba-God word go stand forever.

See Una God!

9. Oh Zion wey be messenger of good news, shout from on top of di mountain. Shout loud, oh Jerusalem wey dey bring good news. Shout and no let fear catch you. Tell di cities of Judah sey, ‘Una God dey come!’

10. See, Baba-God wey be di Oga dey come wit strong hand, and hin hand go rule for am: see, hin reward go dey wit am, and hin work go dey for hin front (He go carry di pipo wey he don save—follow body).

11. He go feed hin pipo like shepherd, he go gada di lambs wit hin hand, con hold dem near hin heart. He go use sofri take care of di sheep wey get pikin.

12. Who don hold big-big-river for hin hand, con measure am? Or who don measure di heavens wit hin fingers? Or fit measure di dust of di earth for container, or who don weigh di mountains plus di hills for scale?

13. Who don direct Baba-God Spirit, or who don be hin adviser wey con teach am?

14. Who Baba-God learn wisdom from, and who tell am wetin to do, con teach am for di way of wisdom, con teach am how to sabi tins, con show am di way of understanding?

15. See, di nations be like drop for inside bucket, and Baba-God count dem like small dust for scale. See, he dey carry di island like small tin.

16. Lebanon no reach am to burn, and di animals no reach am for sacrifice.

17. All nations be like notin for hin eyes, and he count dem like notin-notin and breeze.

18. So who una go use take compare Baba-God, or wetin fit be like am?

19. Artist mold image, and goldsmith use gold take cover am, con design am wit silver chains.

20. Di pipo wey too poor for dat kain offering go choose wood wey no go spoil, and artist wey get skill go carve idol wey no go fall down!

21. Abi una neva know, abi una neva hear, abi dem no gist una from di starting? Abi una neva understand from di foundations of di earth?

22. Nahin sidon on top of di circle of di earth, and di pipo wey dey live for di earth be like grasshoppers to am! He dey spread di heavens like curtain, con spread dem as tent for am to stay.

23. Nahin dey turn princes to notin, and he dey turn di judges (rulers) of di earth to useless pipo.

24. Yes, dem no go dey planted; yes dem no go grow like seed; yes, dia seed no go get root inside di earth; and he go blow dem, and dem go dry, and rolling-breeze go blow dem komot like chaff.

25. “So who una go use take compare me, who be my mate?”—na wetin di Holy One dey ask.

26. Carry your eyes go up-up, and see who make dis stars for sky, di Pesin wey bring all of dem come out like army, he dey call all of dem wit dia names—by di greatness of hin pawa and becos hin pawa strong kakaraka; no single one of dem dey miss.

27. Chai Jacob, why you go con dey tok, oh Israel, why you con dey yarn sey, “Baba-God no know my way and he no care if I get justice?”

28. Abi una neva know? Abi una neva hear, sey di everlasting God, di Oga wey make di place wey di world take end, no dey faint and he no dey taya? You no fit understand am finish.

29. He dey give pawa to pipo wey no-strong, and he dey give plenty pawa to pipo wey no get muscle.

30. Even di youth go faint and dem go taya, and di young men go fall kpatakpata,

31. but di pipo wey wait for Baba-God go get fresh pawa, dem go climb up wit di feathers like eagles; dem go run and dem no go taya—dem go waka, and dem no go faint.


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