Isaiah Chapter 41

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Baba-God Epp For Israel

  1. “Dey silent for my front oh islands, and make di pipo get fresh strength, make dem come near, den make dem tok sey, make we shift near to di place of judgement.”
  2. Who raise up dis king from di east, wey Baba-God call wit clean-heart to serve Am, and wey dey always get victory? Baba-God dey put nations for hin hand, con make am rule kings. He dey turn dem to dust wit hin sword, and he dey use hin bow and arrow take turn dem to chaff wey breeze dey blow.
  3. He pursue dem, con pass safely—even for di road wey he neva pass wit hin leg before.
  4. Who make dis kain tin happun? Who dey call di generations from di starting of time? Na me, Baba-God, di First and di Last. Na only me be Baba-God.”
  5. Di island see am and dia mind cut, di ends of di earth con dey fear, dem shift near, and dem come.
  6. Everi pesin con dey epp hin neighbour, and everi pesin tell hin broda sey, “Make una get solid heart.”
  7. So di carpenter ginger di goldsmith, and di pesin wey dey hammer di idol to make am smooth—dey ginger di pesin wey dey shape di iron wit hin tool. Dem go tok sey, “E don ready for welding.” And dem go nail di idol so dat e no go fall.
  8. But you Israel, you be my servant, Jacob wey I don choose, di seed of Abraham wey be my padi.
  9. You wey I don carry from di ends of di earth, I call you from di far-far side, con tell you sey, ‘You be my servant’; I don choose you and I no pursue una komot.
  10. No let fear catch you; becos I dey wit you: no lose hope, becos na me be your God. I go give you pawa; yes, I go epp you; yes, I go make you stand wit di right hand of my goodness.
  11. Shame plus disgrace go surely catch all those pipo wey bin dey vex for you, dem go turn to notin; and di pipo wey dey kwanta wit you go kpeme.
  12. You go fyne dem but you no go see dem, even di pipo wey dey fight wit you; di pipo wey dey fight war against una go be like notin—like sometin wey no dey exist.
  13. Becos me Baba-God wey be your Oga—go hold your right hand, con tell you sey, “No dey fear, I go epp you.”
  14. “No dey fear Jacob, even though you wey be like worm for ground, and una wey be di men of Israel, I go epp una,” naso Baba-God tok, Baba-God wey save una, di Holy One of Israel.
  15. “See, I go make new sharp harvesting instrument wey get teeth—to komot di seeds from di corn or wheat: una go harvest di mountains, una go grind dem, con turn di hills to chaff.
  16. Una go fan dem, and breeze go carry dem komot, and rolling-breeze go scata dem: naso you go happy inside Baba-God, and you go celebrate inside di Holy One of Israel.
  17. Wen poor pipo and pipo wey need epp dey fyne water, and dem no see am, and dia tongue don dry becos no water, me Baba-God go hear dem. Me, di God of Israel no go fashi dem.
  18. I go open rivers for place wey dey up-up. I go make water flow for bottom-of-mountains. I go turn desert to streams of water, and I go turn dry land to water wey dey rush.
  19. I go plant cedar trees for inside desert, di shittah tree, plus myrtle trees, and olive tree. I go plant di fir trees for inside desert, and di pine and box tree togeda.
  20. So dat dem go see and dem go know, con reason, and understand togeda, sey na Baba-God hand do am, and di Holy One of Israel nahin make am.

Idols Wey No-make-sense

21. Baba-God tok sey, “Carry una argument come (for di idols wey una hand make).”  Di king of Jacob tok sey, “Make una bring una argument come (evidence of wetin dem fit do),”

22. Make dem bring dem come, con show us wetin go happun, make dem show tins wey don happun before-before—wetin dem be, so dat we go reason dem, con know wetin go happun las-las, or tell us wetin go still happun for future.

23. Show us wetin go happun lata, so dat we go know sey una be gods: Just do sometin—good or do evil, so dat we go see am togeda wit shock.                                            

24. Idols, make una hear dis tin, una be notin, una works dey useless; and di pipo wey dey worship una na tufiakwa.

25. I don raise up pesin from di north (Cyrus wey be di king of Persia), and he go come. He go call my name from where di sun dey raise, and he go attack kings and princes. He go march dem as artist take dey march clay.

26. Who don tok dis tins from di starting—so dat we go know? And who tok am before time start—so dat we go tok sey he dey correct? No one of una tok any word about am, no pesin yarn am! Yes, no pesin hear una words.

27. Na me be di first to tell Zion sey, ‘See, dem dey come [di Jews wey dey come back to dia own land].’ And I go send messenger go Jerusalem wey go bring good news.”

28. Wen I look, I no see any one of dem; none of dem fit ansa or give advice.

29. See, all of dem no-make-sense; dia works dey useless; dia image wey dem make na empty breeze plus kata-kata.


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